My Bridge to Ruin


In Scientology, the manipulation happens gradually over the years. It’s not like people are beaten at the entrance and then happily walk further into a cult. Scientology took the best 10 years of my life. There’s a featured article in the news today called “The Bridge to Ruin” – my journey to financial ruin in Scientology. Click on the screenshot above to read the article. Click here if you want to read the English by … Continue reading

“The Earth is flat and there were no Concentration Camps”


And Scientology is perfect. Is it possible to believe in something you didn’t experience yourself? Seeing the obvious is not always obvious. How do you know the moon has a backside? If it is unreal to you, does it have to be a lie? In Scientology you are expected to find out for yourself and experience everything first hand to really believe it. If not, you can’t really trust the information. I find that rather … Continue reading

Scientology: The final straw


Witnessing REAL CRIMES made me jump off the sinking Titanic. Inspired by a post over at Tony Ortega’s blog, where he asked his readers two questions: We’d like to hear about those first stirrings that convinced you that something about the church didn’t seem right. What was it that ultimately led you to walk away from an organization that lays on heavy layers of conditioning and control? I thought about it for a minute, and … Continue reading

Scientology: “She is a criminal!”


I guess OSA (Office of Special Affairs = the Gestapo equivalent in Scientology) and other Scientologists felt some urges to trash me after it was known that I had started a relationship with Geir Isene, the only person in Norway who has reached the highest spiritual level (OT 8) in Scientology, and later left the church. I can thank Geir and his blog for being alive today. And I guess my teaser post, revealing some of the … Continue reading

Who join Scientology?


These are the three main types of people that characterize members of the Church of Scientology as I see it. 1. The Greedy & Selfish 2. The “Refugees” 3. The Mother Theresas Education, intelligence, ethnicity, backgrounds etc. is out of the equation. You find all kinds of people from all walks of life in Scientology. They have ONE thing in common though: They are seekers looking for solutions. The Church of Scientology claim they have … Continue reading

“Why criticizing Scientology hurt me!”


Would 2 + 2 = 5 freak you out? – Yes, perhaps if you identified yourself with the subject. Let’s take a look. How to become a dedicated Scientologist: You are idealistic, you want to improve conditions, make a difference. Someone offers you a solution, a path, some tools you can use to improve issues you might have in your life or tools to help others improve their lives. And they work. Great! Imagine using … Continue reading