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In the pipeline Beside struggling with body pain, past trauma stress and patching up on my former education I left years ago, I’m preparing a lineup of articles covering different subjects from chemistry, music, health issues and tips, cult recovery and of course Scientology. A teaser for those interested in Scientology I’m currently researching the true state of affairs of Scientology in Europe, Asia and Africa. There will be one comprehensive Scientology article in particular … Continue reading

Scientology Expansion News from Norway


Today I made a guest appearance over at Mike Rinder’s blog covering the “massive worldwide unprecedented straight up vertical” expansion of Scientology that apparently has not yet reached Norway. Warning: Strong visuals. Read the full story here. Mike Rinder was the chief international spokesman of the Church of Scientology and head of OSA, Office of Special Affairs – the Scientology intelligence arm, for many years before he left the church in 2007.

“The Earth is flat and there were no Concentration Camps”


And Scientology is perfect. Is it possible to believe in something you didn’t experience yourself? Seeing the obvious is not always obvious. How do you know the moon has a backside? If it is unreal to you, does it have to be a lie? In Scientology you are expected to find out for yourself and experience everything first hand to really believe it. If not, you can’t really trust the information. I find that rather … Continue reading