I’m happy Scientology bitch slapped me that hard I woke up and left

Overcoming FEAR by start looking. The Church of Scientology is hiding a vital policy letter from you. See video below.

The reason some people haven’t left the church is because they haven’t been bitch slapped hard enough – yet!

Policies Scientology doesn’t want you to know about

Scientology’s mind-control mechanism:
Every bad thing that happens to you is your fault – “you pulled it in”. Every good thing that happends to you is credited the church. Every bad thing that happens to the church is because of evil Suppressive People (SPs). People then blame themselves when they experience bad things. You see how crazy this is.

Message to Scientologists (To non-Scientologists: Google is your friend):
When you start your own investigation of the church you’ll find out that every thing the church accuses others of doing they are actually guilty of themselves. Open your PTS/SP pack and find the HCOB 15 Sept. 81 THE CRIMINAL MIND: “The criminal accuses others of things which he himself is doing.”

Overcome FEAR, start looking. FEAR is just an illusion created to keep you trapped. Scientology is The Truman Show. You live in a bubble. Hey. There’s a big friendly world out here with endless opportunities.

Punished for finding out the truth and helping the church:
Greg and Debra Barnes, both on OT 7, moved their family and business to Clearwater, Florida to live close to Flag, the Scientology Mecca. They were Scientologists for some 20 years when they reported out-tech to RTC: OT 7s are not supposed to be interfered with. There’s a policy on that. You should not do sec-checks or FPRD on OT 7s. Still they sec-check OT 7s every 6th month. They call it a 6-month “Refresher”. It is not. It is the church’s cash cow and it invalidates people big time. The Barnes family went through hell after they reported this out-tech. The church started a black PR campaign with false accusations, made-up lies and false KRs about the Barnes and forced their friends of 20 years to disconnect from them. The Barnes did not get a single copy of the KRs. And were torn apart in a non-standard Comm-Ev. The church orchestrated the perfect set-up to discredit them.

Here’s the Barnes’ story of what the Church of Scientology does to ruin the lives of dedicating members that have found out about the church’s real intentions. Here you will see the policy letter the church is hiding from you. This is a perfect example describing the Church of Scientology’s methods of manipulation, blackmailing and invalidation. The video is 1 hour 20 minutes and I guarantee you the time watching is well spent:

This might as well have been you. Maybe you are next in line. Listen to your gut feeling. Follow your heart. Take no shit. Claim back your life. ❤

5 thoughts on “I’m happy Scientology bitch slapped me that hard I woke up and left

  1. Excellent post Anette. Yes, I had already seen this video and it is well worth featuring. It tells the tale. I see and commend you for moving forward to helping others. Bravo!

    • Thanks, Penny. I watched this video first time 2 years ago and it was very helpful in my “breaking out” phase. It communicates well to Scientologists the confusion, betrayal, brainwash, fear etc. that is part of life while under the Scientology iron curtain.

  2. I miss Deb – she was hilarious. By the way Annette, that was me that started all that about the six-month check, not Greg and Deb. I was who found the issues (and got the original) and challenged the six-month check line and when I was attacked – I told Greg and Deb then showed them the issues – and then we were all comm-eved together.


    You can read all about it at my husband’s blog here:


    I also am who found and reported the alteration to PDC #20, in case you didn’t know that either.

    That’s here:


    All the Best to you, and I loved your fake fur tip – great idea! I’m going to try it

    Virginia McClaughry

    • Thanks for your information, Virginia!

      In session I told my auditior at AOSHEU about the alteration to PDC #20 and that I was shocked to find out that the current church management was changing the tech. Because I had both the old version on cassettes and the new edition on CDs at home so I could listen to both and hear that vital pieces were removed.
      When I showed up for the next session I had to report to Ethics to handle this and there was a guy from OSA there waiting for me. He showed me an LRH policy that stated it was OK to remove phrases from tapes and scriptures for PR reasons. Let’s say LRH swear on record it can be taken away. But this is different. This is vital info erased. They use policy to justify.

      BTW. What happened to Debra?

      • You’re very welcome Annette and I know what you mean – pretty wild.

        I don’t know about Deb, I guess she just kind of dropped off the map after she and Greg parted ways many years ago, haven’t seen or heard hide nor hair since.


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