My Bridge to Ruin


In Scientology, the manipulation happens gradually over the years. It’s not like people are beaten at the entrance and then happily walk further into a cult. Scientology took the best 10 years of my life. There’s a featured article in the news today called “The Bridge to Ruin” – my journey to financial ruin in Scientology. Click on the screenshot above to read the article. Click here if you want to read the English by … Continue reading

Where are all Scientologists? Fresh report from Clearwater


We toured downtown Clearwater, Florida to visit the new Super Power building. We expected to see tons of people after the final solution to clearing the planet was released recently. During the 1-2 hours we walked around the area we saw ONE public coming out of the SP building and NONE entering. The only folks we saw were Sarah Heller from OSA, Antonio and other security guards and police officers. What happened to the international … Continue reading

Before you leave Scientology …


… turn off the lights. Tired of late night visits from Scientologists begging for money? Endless phone calls, pressure to give more and more? What happened to flourish and prosper? You are tired, unhappy and WORRIED. Your credit cards are maxed out and your bank accounts are empty. Your org is empty too. You’re not alone. Something IS wrong. Now consider this before leaving Scientology, written by Intentionally Blank over at ESMB (read in full): “Scientology has imprisoned … Continue reading

I’m happy Scientology bitch slapped me that hard I woke up and left


Overcoming FEAR by start looking. The Church of Scientology is hiding a vital policy letter from you. See video below. The reason some people haven’t left the church is because they haven’t been bitch slapped hard enough – yet! Scientology’s mind-control mechanism: Every bad thing that happens to you is your fault – “you pulled it in”. Every good thing that happends to you is credited the church. Every bad thing that happens to the … Continue reading

Når en mor avskriver sitt barn


Forestill deg at den som hjalp deg å ta dine første skritt, fulgte deg til din første skoledag, bredde den varme dynen over deg om kvelden, og ga deg en godnatt-klem, var ferdig med deg. Fordi du har skiftet mening! Fordi du ikke lenger finner deg i å bli trakassert og få ditt liv ødelagt av en manipulerende sekt. Dette er dessverre skjebnen til mange religiøse avhoppere. Skifter man mening og melder seg ut har det … Continue reading

Debbie Cook was tortured by David Miscavige’s minions


Ever wondered why Debbie Cook, our beloved Captain of Flag, left the Church of Scientology after 29 years? Dear Scientologist … Did you know that David Miscavige, the leader of Scientology, ordered his minions to torture Debbie Cook while she was kidnapped and held against her will at The Hole, one of the Scientology prison camps in Hemet just outside Los Angeles? The Hole is a prison on the compound of the International headquarters of Scientology. Se … Continue reading

Scientologikirken – en veldedig organisasjon – eller pengemaskin med lysskye aktiviteter?


Nederland, oktober 2013: Scientologikirken er en veldedig organisasjon og slipper dermed å betale skatt. Mine tanker omkring dette: Ikke overraskende, sett i lyset av at Nederland både legaliserer narkotika og selger kvinner åpenlyst og lovlig som om de var koteletter i en kjøttdisk. Red Light District, Amsterdam ( : Det som kanskje er overraskende er at det har tatt Scientologikirken så mange år å bli fritatt fra skatt i nettopp et slikt “løsluppent” land, spesielt med … Continue reading