“The Earth is flat and there were no Concentration Camps”

And Scientology is perfect.

Is it possible to believe in something you didn’t experience yourself?
Seeing the obvious is not always obvious. How do you know the moon has a backside?

If it is unreal to you, does it have to be a lie? In Scientology you are expected to find out for yourself and experience everything first hand to really believe it. If not, you can’t really trust the information. I find that rather extreme.

You don’t have to spend time in a concentration camp to believe it existed. Luckily you don’t have to feel everything on your own body and soul to believe it. We can rely on history, and true sources. Still many members of the Church of Scientology know about crimes being committed and abuses going on but they continue to support the church. Why? Because they have not been abused personally:

“I haven’t seen any people being hit by David Miscavige”, “I was never pressured to give money”, “What these ex-members say is unreal to me”, “It can’t be that bad”, etc.

This never stops amazing me. There must be some other reason why these people continue to justify, continue to close their eyes and ears.

This behavior can only be defined by one word: BRAINWASH.

The Church of Scientology manipulates its members big time while emptying their pockets. And they are experts at this. The members still inside the Scientology Cult cling onto their last hope of salvation shutting the door to truth and real freedom. I advice you to read Geir Isene’s article on Scientology’s Hope. That hope is a trap. It is a big fat lie!

It is both selfish and evil to support a cult like the Church of Scientology. People’s lives are ruined and destroyed every day. Battered Person Syndrome is in full bloom inside the church. I pray people will wake up sooner than later and leave while they still can.

Staying connected to the Church of Scientology makes you an accomplice.

Our professor in Physical Chemistry asked us a question the other day: “Do you believe in atoms?” Well, that inspired this post.

20 thoughts on ““The Earth is flat and there were no Concentration Camps”

  1. They are masters of swindle. It doesn’t matter how many hundreds of thousands of dollars you spend nor how high a level you reach on “The Bridge to Total Freedom”, its never good enough. You know what? Being in Scientology is about making the Church happy, not yourself.

    • I just made that sentence bold. When I found out about the crimes being committed within the church I left the church for good. I couldn’t find one good reason that could justify staying.

      • So true. That’s exactly how I felt upon seeing the lies and purposes. I will never be an accomplice to this again. :)

    • Also by Scientology beliefs being connected to a source of suppression makes one a potential trouble source or PTS for short. The subject of scientology is good but as practised in the Corporate Church evil, and a betrail after trust. David Micsavige the head of this church should be behind bars. He may have actually murdered L. Ron Hubbard.

  2. 1) “There must be some other reason why these people continue to justify, continue to close their eyes and ears”.
    Anette, this is a question I’ve put myself many times in the ’80′s…Everybody knew about Siberian Gulags, about crimes, abuses and daily injustice, but still, all over Eastern Europe millions of people strongly believed in communism. Reason? This was their belief. All the others were “enemies” except their beloved Party. Who’s not with us is against us…Simple as that. In my opinion, the most horryfing thing was the total lack of compasion for victims.

    2) “If it is unreal to you, does it have to be a lie?”
    Well said, Anette. I can give you my example. I strongly believe in God. I’m not fanatic, it’s just I believe. If God make a miracle and I cannot explain it, does it mean that miracle doesn’t exist? If I don’t see God physically, does it mean God doesn’t exist? Of course not. Problem is that Scientology is on the other side of the flipcoin, it’s member cannot see the evil, which may be very unreal for them.

    3) ““The Earth is flat and there were no Concentration Camps”
    Your title says more than the article itself. We live in 2013, everybody can visit Auschwitz or Treblinka. THEY WERE concentration camps, but still, there are many people who believe there are Jewish inventions and continue to deny Holocaust.

    My conclusion is bitter…After reading your article, I’m sad…Sad because you’re 100% right in every word you’ve written.

    • I don’t believe in the human mind. It is limited by Thetans in many directions.
      Let’s hope Man survives his own battle against himself.

      • Thetans exist only in the minds of those who believe in them.

        I, on the other hand am an evolved being, who deals solely with the source of life, which exists in all of our hearts.

  3. All these ex-scientologists complaining about being victims – I’m glad to see someone else say that they were also accomplices spreading this destructive mind-bending ideology.

    In fact most ex sea-org members are proud of their accomplishments whilst inside Scientology. You know an apology would be more appropriate.

    The true “victims” of the cult are those who have been affected by it but did nothing to promote it.

    • Good point, and welcome! I believe it’s important to examine all sides before promoting any subject heavily. There are pros and cons in everything. Scientology is promoted to be all perfect. Which is a very basic lie. Nothing can be.

  4. I think there are some major factors that work to produce disbelief and denial in Scientologists. They build on factors that already exist in society.

    The first is a cynicism about human nature, especially as found in group dynamics and especially in elitist or closed groups. This cynicism manifests as an immediate assumption of greed as a main and common underlying motive for all behavior, especially when there is any money being charged in any way that can be seen to be unfair or exorbitant.

    The second is an assumption that a victim must be somewhat complicit to be a victim. This is a common attitude in wife battering and rape scenarios — she must be stupid, she must be willing in some way, she must really mean yes when she says no, she must have done something to have such bad karma, etc. This is heavily compounded in Scientology by the way truth is described as being handled at various tone level bands. Apathy is the biggest liar, enthusiastic people don’t lie at all. People who are crying are always prone to wild exaggeration. Any response that is less than bored is treated as false testimony.

    The third is the remarkable and constant onslaught of lies, exaggerations and propaganda in mainstream media that has been going on for at least a century. Its hard to know what to believe, and worse yet in this day and age of video and audio spoofing. This is especially true of elitist organizations, political organizations, Churches that have hidden atrocities, and so on. It is very difficult to believe cries of vicious behavior in your own organization even when it is right in front of you. In my case, NO SUCH BEHAVIOR EVER HAPPENED where I did my Scientology services, day in and day out for YEARS. This was not denial, this was observation. What it took to shift that was reviewing numerous reports, not just one or two and seeing the videos on Marty Rathbun’s blog showing the behavior. It also took watching Tommy Davis POINT BLANK lie on national television. Unbelievable but true. Also, the concept of low toned people lie comes into play when one visits one of the Church created websites that are vitriolic pits of sensationalism.

  5. When I did services I did not look at what was really happening behind the scenes. Only when I look back can I see the possibilities of it.
    When the leader said the org was open and running in Israel , I was impressed and so were the thousand others there. A year later found out that it had not been and still wasn’t and that was confirmed. So until ones finds out the truth it seems everything is fine. Not easy for member within to find out a truth, until they start looking outside of the bubble.

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  7. About not looking and denial: I think it has also to do with “cognitive dissonance” and that the communication of the members is manipulated and compartmented – one never has the means to see the whole picture when being in the cult; only when getting more info one can sort it out in once mind.
    One has also to overcome the thought stopping and mind control to connect the dots and to admit to oneself “having been wrong” and having been conned (for years …) and having made major wrong decisions.

  8. Concentration camps? That description somewhat understates what they really were, the horror and madness which was so commonplace made them a living hell.
    My nightmares continue to this day.

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