My Bridge to Ruin


In Scientology, the manipulation happens gradually over the years. It’s not like people are beaten at the entrance and then happily walk further into a cult. Scientology took the best 10 years of my life. There’s a featured article in the news today called “The Bridge to Ruin” – my journey to financial ruin in Scientology. Click on the screenshot above to read the article. Click here if you want to read the English by … Continue reading

Debbie Cook was tortured by David Miscavige’s minions


Ever wondered why Debbie Cook, our beloved Captain of Flag, left the Church of Scientology after 29 years? Dear Scientologist … Did you know that David Miscavige, the leader of Scientology, ordered his minions to torture Debbie Cook while she was kidnapped and held against her will at The Hole, one of the Scientology prison camps in Hemet just outside Los Angeles? The Hole is a prison on the compound of the International headquarters of Scientology. Se … Continue reading

Scientologikirken – en veldedig organisasjon – eller pengemaskin med lysskye aktiviteter?


Nederland, oktober 2013: Scientologikirken er en veldedig organisasjon og slipper dermed å betale skatt. Mine tanker omkring dette: Ikke overraskende, sett i lyset av at Nederland både legaliserer narkotika og selger kvinner åpenlyst og lovlig som om de var koteletter i en kjøttdisk. Red Light District, Amsterdam ( : Det som kanskje er overraskende er at det har tatt Scientologikirken så mange år å bli fritatt fra skatt i nettopp et slikt “løsluppent” land, spesielt med … Continue reading

How to survive a sociopath


Over the last few years I was living a secret underground life while planning my escape from a sociopath (psychopath, narcissist, con-man – same shit, different label). We were both part of the Church of Scientology, though I had not been an active member there since some years. I knew I had to escape both – the abusive relationship and the cult – to live a life without mind-control and fear. Late nights I entered … Continue reading

Geir Isene in the news


Yesterday Geir Isene was interviewed on Dagsrevyen (English: The Daily Review), the daily evening news programme for the Norwegian television channel NRK. Reaching some ONE MILLION VIEWERS with the message that Scientology leader David Miscavige is abusive and that Miscavige’s abusive orders and behavior is spreading down the church’s hierarchy. It is not some local problem. The insanity comes from the top. Here’s the link to the clip. It is in Norwegian (for now): It is … Continue reading

Scientology prison camps


Scientologists are kept behind razor fences, against their will, monitored by cameras and motion sensors, unable to escape. If you are in doubt whether you should leave the Church of Scientology or not, this information should clear that doubt. If you continue to support the Church of Scientology, you also support human rights violations and Scientology prison camps. Be responsible, get educated, find out what is going on behind the razor* (see foot note description) … Continue reading