Last photo of Heber Jentzsch on duty?

Where is Heber Jentzsch? Our favorite speaker at Scientology events. Heber Jentzsch (born November 30, 1935) has served as the president of the Church of Scientology International since 1982. He has not been seen publicly in almost 10 years!

Could this be the last photo of Heber as the president of the Church of Scientology?


The above photo (click to enlarge) was taken in Sri Lanka, January 15 of 2005. Heber made an official visit on behalf of the Church of Scientology. He visited the sites struck by the tsunami on December 26 of 2004. The Church of Scientology gathered volunteer helpers from around the world, and organized local groups that helped survivors in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia and India. I was one of them.

Volunteer Minister Sri Lanka Tsunami 2005


IAS (International Association of Scientologists) – A FRAUD ORGANIZATION

IAS claims to sponsor the volunteer helpers. It is a lie! I had a meeting with the IAS’s European office in Copenhagen, Denmark, before I went to Sri Lanka. I believed from what I had seen at the events, that the IAS sponsored campaigns like this. Especially a huge disaster like this one. At least so they say. What could be a more important campaign to sponsor? I mean, this was about saving lives. But no! They told me they had no money, so I had to finance the entire trip myself.

But IAS sure knew how to use footage from these sites to feed themselves. I was spending quite some time with the Golden Era Production, the Scientology film team in Sri Lanka. They took lots of footage of Scientology volunteers in action, for the IAS to show off their so called “sponsored” campaigns to the world! Excellent PR to extort more money from parishioners into the IAS slush fund.

Where are the other Scientology senior executives?

Heber is missing. The only person we see speaking at events today is David Miscavige, the pope of Scientology. Other executives have reportedly been confined within Scientology prison camps for months or sometimes years. Luckily, more and more people are managing to escape the iron grip of Scientology, and dare to speak out about abuses, lies, extortion, human trafficking, mind control and human rights violations.

Official statements from the Church of Scientology raise more questions than answers.
Please let us know, where is Heber?

Read more on David Miscavige’s cowed and ill associates over at Mike Rinder’s blog.

Let’s hear what Karen De La Carriere, one of the few highest trained Scientology counselors (Class 12 auditor), personally train by L. Ron Hubbard, has to say about this:

13 thoughts on “Last photo of Heber Jentzsch on duty?

    • It’s a sad, sad story. They dusted him off for his son’s memorial ceremony.

      This featured photo of mine is the last I’ve seen of Heber in a non-private setting, where he is on an official visit as the president of the church.

    • The 2012 photo of Heber from the memorial service shows he is still alive. Thanks to the Internet and whistleblowers, Heber was brought out in daylight, at least for one day.

    • You are correct, Anette should change the blog text to reflect that. It seems to me it is purposely misleading.

  1. Girl on fire, for sure. I have never met you but I really like you. Your blog is excellent and cuts to the point. I left in 2010 and never looked back. There were some very dark times as you have also experienced but it will get easier and things will rearrange and all calm down if you allow yourself to know what you know. I read numerous books by Napoleon Hill in the last couple of years and one point he brings up which really helped me was when confronted by or having experience a truly negative scene, the question is where, what or how can I find the seed of an equal or greater benefit? What can I learn here that will empower me? I see that you are finding it! If you would like to check him out, here’s a link to one of his videos. He was writing in the first part of the 20th Century and is very theta.

    • Thanks, Penny! I like your take on finding an equal positive benefit or lessons learned. I can truly find many. Through Scientology I met my soulmate Geir, and that alone made all the sufferings worth it. I’ve never had such a deep connection with anyone. ❤

      I find it fascinating what Napoleon Hill wrote! Especially his 1937 book, Think and Grow Rich. A book that is forbidden to read in Scientology. Same goes for the film The Secret, which is mainly based on that particular book.

      I believe L. Ron Hubbard was strongly influenced by Napoleon Hill when he founded Scientology in the early 1950′s. L. Ron Hubbard’s uncle is feature in Hill’s book by the way. So he couldn’t miss that.

      The book Think and Grow Rich contains some powerful exercises. Much more powerful than many Scientology processes. That’s why I think the church fears that book.

  2. Heber is missing, because he knows too much. He will be found when Hoffa’s body will be found also or when Kennedy’s assassin will face a trial :)

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  4. I asked the ethics officer on the Freewinds where Heber is and I was told that due to his age, he is living comfortably in a retirement community for Sea Org members. He eluded to the fact that Heber is not wanting to deal with public and this is understandable due to his age.

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