Scientology: “She is a criminal!”

I guess OSA (Office of Special Affairs = the Gestapo equivalent in Scientology) and other Scientologists felt some urges to trash me after it was known that I had started a relationship with Geir Isene, the only person in Norway who has reached the highest spiritual level (OT 8) in Scientology, and later left the church. I can thank Geir and his blog for being alive today. And I guess my teaser post, revealing some of the secrets I will uncover soon here on my blog, fired their urges to freak me out, even more.

And I have good reasons for delaying the uncovering on those secrets. And it is not because of what you think.


Geir isene ❤ Anette Iren – And we are here to stay!

Operation Freakout

Attempts to make people freak out is not new in the history of Scientology. In the 1960′s L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, established a deadly serious policy called Fair Game. And since the 1970′s the Church of Scientology has followed a specific program called Operation Freakout, targeted to destroy Scientology critics.

In a 1967 policy titled Penalties for Lower Conditions, Hubbard wrote that opponents of the church who are “fair game” may be:

deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.

The largest infiltration in the United States’ history

To give an example of the extent Scientologists are willing to go to defend their religion, The Church of Scientology conducted the largest infiltration of the United States’ government in history, as laid out in the Operation Snow White. This project included a series of infiltrations and thefts from 136 government agencies, foreign embassies and consulates, as well as private organizations critical of Scientology, carried out by church members, in more than 30 countries and up to 5,000 covert agents. Eleven Scientology executives, including Hubbard’s own wife, who was second in command at that time, pleaded guilty or were convicted in federal court.

Scientologists are not allowed to read bad stuff about Scientology on the Internet, or to see bad news on Scientology on TV, so they have no clue about this, or other things.

This Ethics book is just a summary of the policies that form the basics of the entire Scientology justice system.

Scientologists believe that the Scientology justice system is above the laws of a country, and thus act accordingly. To understand more about the Scientology mindset, you can read my article: Scientology – The ONLY hope for Man.

Scientology and the criminal mind

Some Scientologists are working hard behind the scene to slander my name. They have told lies to my former colleagues, friends and to my ex-boyfriend. They even try to turn my family against me telling them that I am a criminal! Stupid, stupid move. You own no shame! Trying to break my family apart. You have no idea how hard this will backfire on you! If you knew, you would have been far out of the church by now.

Can the source(s) of those lies, please step forward and send me a message, so we can arrange a meeting? I would love to hear you tell it straight to my face. Cowards!

To find out what is fact and what is not, you have to look at both sides.

Hubbard wrote a reference the 15th Sept. 1981, titled The Criminal Mind, and I quote:

Definition: A criminal is one who is motivated by evil intentions and who has committed so many harmful overt acts that he considers such activities ordinary.

If you cannot behave, outside sources will put you under justice. Just like Hubbard told you:

When the individual fails to put* in his own ethics, the group takes action against him and this is  called justice.

*) To behave morally correct and to be ethical.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

You were warned in a blog post on Geir’s blog the 8th Dec. 2012. Stop fucking with me and my family. You have obviously no clue who you are messing with.

The way out is the way out

It’s hard to understand that anyone can be part of such an insidious group, that Scientology has become. But I don’t blame you. I was in there for 10 years. I didn’t know either, how bad it was. Then I started to look. In the beginning it was just too bad to be true. You must break the spell. Get educated. You need a hug! Go hug each other, shine some love. Start acting decent.

I love to hug. You can have one too! ❤

Of course there are some good things in Scientology, or no one would be there in the first place. Like the actor Jason Beghe says in his infamous interview, after he left the church:

Even the best mouse trap does not work without cheese.

Really fresh, delicious cheese!

All Scientology courses are available outside of the church if reaching spiritual freedom is why you still hang in there. You cannot go free unless you start freeing yourself of the suppressive church that controls every aspect of your life. Please dare to look at both sides.

The way out is the way out. Make an escape today!

If you need any help, you can always leave me a personal message or a comment below.

With love,
Anette ❤

34 thoughts on “Scientology: “She is a criminal!”

  1. Reading this article and the related links, my conclusion is simple: I think this guy, Hubbard, was one of the first people to took LSD. No offence, but his mind was serious altered, otherwise I cannot imagine how an obscure science fiction writer can step so easy from his fiction stories to a reality self-proclaimed later to be a religion.

    • Can’t wait to get back visiting you, Karen. We had such a fun time together! We have lots of stories to be told on video.

      I’ll check out those OSA orders from that link. I’ve read some of the OSA programs revealed over at Marty’s. Inhumane black ops. OSA is really a whining hate group.

      • I know you and Geir just spent much money coming to the USA.. so if getting here to the USA to do interviews with Karen is an a concern, perhaps you can Skype to Skype the interview? It’s been done by other media sources interviewing people about Narconon. Maybe worth a try :)

        Your story is important and the sooner it gets exposed to more people, the better. Wishing you both the best, ~ Mary McConnell

        • Or we can shot it here in Norway and share the files by Dropbox to Angry Gay Pope or Writers Phoenix in the US for editing.

          My English is good. My concern is that I have an accent when speaking English. Anyway, I think people will understand. :-)

  2. What OSA, and their volunteers, believe is that they are “helping” a church and all of mankind by doing bad things to people they were told are evil. However, in reality it is no different than the terrorism practised by any other obsessed group ; blind obedience, personal conviction, harmful acts caused upon others without concern for the outcome or impact upon the lives of others.
    The doer’s of these deeds are temporarily driven by a hypnotic force and purpose which allows them to do bad things in the hopes of making good results. But, although their mind’s have over-ridden their heart’s, their trapped spirit KNOWS every bit of what they are doing must be repaid, and will not be forgotten no matter how they try to justify and not-is it.
    Most of these folk end up leaving scientology when the realize they realize what they had done or that they were just manipulated again.

    • “What OSA, and their volunteers, believe is that they are “helping” a church and all of mankind by doing bad things to people they were told are evil.”

      A quote to be used!

    • Good points, phil! In a “trance” state anything goes.

      If you truly believe that the person in front of you were on a mission to push the atomic bomb button, what would you do?

      I mean the OSA guys are so conditioned. They think any critic or someone leaving the church are so full of shit, wanting to blow up this planet, or at least stopping any spiritual advancement. That’s the level of brainwash we are looking at here. Of course they will take on any action needed to destroy the critic. Dangerous and weird.

  3. It surprises me that a Scinetologists would not be more alert and aware of their own behaviour than going SUPRESSIVE
    – when, to detect SP’s and clear the mind from reactivities and from being supressed – is what it is all about… according to Hubbard.. in my humble understanding of it…

    It is NOT Scientology, to me, to tell other The Truth, or supress free will…. freedom of truth
    This blows my mind, and makes it all look so ilogical and wrong…

    • Most staff don’t move up the bridge experiencing clearing of their mind as you describe it.

      What is happening in the church is irrational, illogical, evil.

      See phil’s post above. Scientologists, both public and staff are conditioned, gradually. Living in an invisible trance state. Beyond their control and knowledge.

      See also Geir’s blog post: Scientology: The root cause of the harm.

  4. Annette, I’m so happy that the both of you have found each other through this mind fuck that OSA does, pretty sick. You are a gorgeous outstanding being, keep kicking ass and if you need me to kick some here, let me know, LOL!

    • The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose.

      ~James A. Baldwin

      The most dangerous enemy of The Church of Scientology is the (wo)man who has nothing to lose.

      ~Anett Iren

  5. Annette, the Church practices the technology at the reverse, not only as far as the tech but also the admin tech.
    They choose to deal with lies. It is their aberrated understanding of what a dead agent is. Planted lies to discredit who does not agree with the Financial institution of $cientology.
    The great-diligent OTs work with OSA anonymously to trash the free people. Few slanderous blogs have been created on myself.

    It reminds me of Castaneda. When he would run into someone who wrote slanderously about him, he would just say smiling: “Thank you for talking about me.”


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  7. I wonder what people from OSA are up to when they harrass critics. Do they seriously believe a critic will shut up? Don’t they realize that what they do nackfires right away as they PUBLICLY PRODUCE evidence for what they officiall deny: to practice Fair Game?
    But these people don’t think. They just follow policies. And following LRH cannot be wrong.
    The very sinificant challenge is to figure out: What are the most suitable stepa to wake them up so that they apply the doubt formular and confront the truth.

    • They sometimes fair game more subtly – or so they want to believe. Like going onto forums and fair game critics anonymously, trying to create a flamewar about a critic, etc. Sometimes they venture onto blogs and try to stir things up or discredit. Anette has already gotten one of these OSA comments on her blog (try to spot which :-) ). It’s cool that she has already gotten this from OSA. Means she is a dangerous girl. :evil:

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