Scientology: The final straw

Witnessing REAL CRIMES made me jump off the sinking Titanic.

Inspired by a post over at Tony Ortega’s blog, where he asked his readers two questions:

  1. We’d like to hear about those first stirrings that convinced you that something about the church didn’t seem right.
  2. What was it that ultimately led you to walk away from an organization that lays on heavy layers of conditioning and control?

I thought about it for a minute, and shared my answers over there. I’ve posted my thoughts here as well:

First red flag: In January of 2003, I was a Veterinarian student, totally new to Scientology, I was called into a room with two Sea Org members [Scientology Monks] at the European headquarter in Copenhagen, Denmark. They wanted me to sign a billion year contract. Behind closed doors for hours until 3 AM on a weekday, I was coerced into accepting that my university science studies of 5 years were worth nothing compared to studying Scientology. I had two adorable dogs at that time, they told me to give them away. NO f…… WAY! They continued their shit until I broke down crying. I though those two guys were insane. Much later I found out the insanity was everywhere.

Ultimate shit: In the end of 2011 I couldn’t take it anymore. I had witnessed, with my own two eyes, REAL CRIMES committed by the Church of Scientology and by individual Scientologists, crimes that can put people behind bars. I had to get out of the madhouse. I’ve been an OSA volunteer in the past. I was called in to sign a waiver / confidentiality agreement, on several occasions. Today, I guess OSA deeply regrets they didn’t manage to get my signature on any such gag order. I will put ALL THE CARDS on the table, one by one, face up. Fucking people over will backfire. My official warning to OSA: Scientology: “She is a criminal!”

I left the Church of Scientology officially in November of 2012, when I met my soul mate, Geir Isene, and we announced our relationship on Facebook.

With love,
Anette ❤

17 thoughts on “Scientology: The final straw

  1. My future plans:

    Sadly, I listened to them, stopped and didn’t finish my degree… :(

    I had my regrets, but then I didn’t have any money left to go back and finish my studies, as every dime had gone to the church.

    Since then I’ve changed direction from my Veterinarian path. Now I’m heading for a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (with a major in Chemistry). In September 2012 I was back in the lab! I took a couple of classes at the University of Oslo, Norway. And my plan is to take more classes this fall. I got an “A” on my practical exam in Entrepreneurship. I was so proud! :) I tell myself: It’s never too late! But it is hard to combine studies while at the same time working to make enough money. I am drowning in Scientology related debts. Right now I’m on a sick leave, burned out, but recovering.

  2. I’m glad you are exposing the suppression and wish you well in your recovery from it. The cruelty of telling you to give away your dogs is horrendous, having loved and lost a husky due to death is something I still think about, particularly today for some reason she was on my mind off and on all day. I loved that animal.

    • I hear you, B. When my first dog died, I was a teenager, I couldn’t look at any picture of him for years without crying. He meant the world to me. ♥

      Any religion demanding you to give up your pets, your kids, your friends, your parents, your money, your house, your time, your job – is sick.

      I would rather be a homeless atheist than giving up my “babies”.

    • No. I just updated my status on Facebook from “Single” to “In a relationship” with Geir Isene in November 2012.

      The church found out from their Facebook police (the church loves to spy on its parishioners on Facebook).

      And within a few hours they sent out a letter to Scientologists who were on my FB friends list demanding them to disconnect from me, because they didn’t like Geir. I lost some 100 friends over night.


      • Karen De La Carriere is an amazing person. Karen worked together with L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology back in the days. Karen’s Scientologist son died at 27 years old, because he didn’t get proper medical care. And the Church of Scientology made sure Karen wasn’t even allowed to see the body of her dead son. Disconnection applies even after death. So insane! We visited Karen and her wonderful husband in Los Angeles. And Geir made quite some interesting Scientology video shots with them.

  3. “Entrepeneurship and innovation”. Wow, you and Geir would make one hell of a business team. And I’m glad you put your story on your own blog. The comments on Ortega’s blog are such a fixed-viewpoint snark fest most of the time with so few gems worth the effort that I’ve given up reading them, so I would have missed your entry there.

    • Glad you came here then. :)

      Geir and me are an enjoyable, geeky and funny team in so many aspects. We’re so happy our roads crossed. We’re both very lucky. ♥

    • “The comments on Ortega’s blog are such a fixed-viewpoint snark fest most of the time with so few gems worth the effort that I’ve given up reading them”

      Don’t worry, and go back to reading the comments. I’m there now, and consistently facilitating a higher level of discourse.

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  5. Why didn’t they just offer (at a man’s-best-friend discount, of course) to hook Rover up to an E-meter and “clear” the canine? Both of them at once, just use a wire to connect ‘em both.

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