My 10 years journey into and out of Scientology

My journey into Scientology begun in the autumn of 2002. I was involved with the Church of Scientology in Copenhagen, Denmark and in Oslo, Norway for 10 years.

On this blog I will shed some light on the darker sides of Scientology.

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A summary of my milestones in Scientology:

Volunteer Minister Sri Lanka Tsunami 2005

Volunteer, January 2005, Sri Lanka after the tsunami











Not all wounds are visible.

Being under strict mind control for years has its price.

I hope my personal stories will serve to inform and warn you about the danger of being connected to anti social groups and people, manipulative cults, psychopaths and narcissists.

I was lucky to survive. Others were not so fortunate.

“There comes a time when silence is betrayal.”
Martin Luther King Jr.


19 thoughts on “My 10 years journey into and out of Scientology

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    • My detailed personal stories will unfold here one by one. This is just a brief summary. I have already written over 750 notes that would comprise one blog post each!

  2. How did you get out of scientology church and was it difficult? To little I know parts of it is positive and lots are negative. Why do some members say it’s the best to be involve with when it’s obvious it’s not perfect. Brain wash? Mind control? What about those that cant be brain washed nor mind controllled? Aliens? are they speaking literally Aliens fromnother world, worlds? Aliens from out of this world to my natural knowledge of them can not be controlled for they have much more power, so powerful they can out do the human race if they choose to. Why would people fall into scientology anyway, just being weak people, ignorance, stupid? Last, Did it teach you anything and what did you learn from it? Thank You, Many Blessings

    • Hi aubree
      You sure have some questions there. I can’t give you a one-liner but I think you might get many of them answered if you read my upcoming posts here as my personal story unfolds. Check out the links in my posts as well, that would give you a broader perspective. And try Google if you want to read about aliens.

      Yes, there are both good and bad in Scientology. If there were no goods, no one would ever fall into that trap.

      Not even a stupid guy would fall into an obvious trap. ;-)

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  5. Wow, you certainly did some stuff in the CoS. And I notice that you have an impressive array of talents as well. I can’t even play one musical instrument!

    Congratulations on escaping and thank you for speaking out. So many leave but are so embarrassed they never want to talk about their experiences. The more that speak out, the sooner the abuses will end.

    “…both good and bad in Scientology.” Yes, I’d agree with that. Unfortunately the bad seems to have won out and the CoS has become a nasty, vindictive manipulative cult.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog, Axiom142.

      Some just want to bury their church connection. I must admit I was embarrassed. But I decided to put my voice out for anyone suffering in silence.

      Integrity. Speaking out, regardless of cost.

    • “Unfortunately the bad seems to have won out and the CoS has become a nasty, vindictive manipulative cult.”

      I agree and I call then an insidious cult that deserves NO support in ANY way that helps them continue.

  6. I ran across your writings via Pinterest. You words make me want to share my story with you. My involvement in Scn. started at the age of 12 and lead me to join staff at the age of 15. I didn’t make my way out of the church until the age of 21 when I “blew”. I trained at Flag 2 different times during my stint and I would have to say that’s where a majority of the negative emotions stem from.
    like I said, Id love to share my full story with you if you would be willing to listen. This would be the 1st time I would be opening up completely about my experience.
    Is there a private email perhaps? I tried to email you via Facebook, but I didn’t see the usual message button. I did friend request you.

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