10 common HTML codes for comments and posts

I have made a list of my 10 favorite HTML tags that will make your comments stand out:


Click image to enlarge.

These codes or tags can be used in comments, posts and pages across many platforms accepting HTML. (The ordered and unordered lists might not work in all comment forms.)

For blogs using the DISQUS comment system, other html codes apply.

Questions, anyone?

With love,
Anette ❤

5 thoughts on “10 common HTML codes for comments and posts

    • Your computer skills are well beyond average. And your English is excellent.

      If you want to master HTML, type your text and add some of these HTML codes here in this simple HTML code tester. Practice, practice. ;)

    • hahaha THAT’s not happening sister! I already got your number on that one! You are using the exact accent and spelling you want to create the effect you want! LOL

      Anette needs to come up Hungarian HTML tags for the rest of to use LOL

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