Fresh up your Fake Fur

Buy a small card at your nearest pet store and brush your fake fur. It’ll look like new.


Before and after:



Please do not wear real fur. It signals that you support cruelty to animals. Thank you. ♥

One thought on “Fresh up your Fake Fur

  1. Unfortunately, there is also the other side of the flip coin here. Cruelty can have a lot of faces, not necessary the hunter who pull the trigger when shooting an elephant, a bear or a rabbit. In many countries there are many people (mostly women) who prefer natural fur, only as a sign of wealth. Even my country was one of them in the ’80′s…I remember many women who felt ashamed to wear fake fur, just because the public perception was that they are poor, they don’t have enough money for a natural one. Nobody even think about saving animals lives.
    I remember a lady, I knew her very well, who grew pairs of minks just for their fur. A mink coat fur was very expensive, around 100 thousand NOK at 2010 value (the year I left Norge). She was careful those minks to live, not for their lives, but for their fur…
    What can I say? I’m speechless…Prefer not even to think about it. I hate animal cruelty and if I could be even one day the Minister of Justice, I’ll settle harsh punishments for this kind of criminality.

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