Who join Scientology?

These are the three main types of people that characterize members of the Church of Scientology as I see it.

1. The Greedy & Selfish

2. The “Refugees”

3. The Mother Theresas

Education, intelligence, ethnicity, backgrounds etc. is out of the equation. You find all kinds of people from all walks of life in Scientology. They have ONE thing in common though: They are seekers looking for solutions.

The Church of Scientology claim they have a solution to any problem under the sun. And the target can’t say no to a QUICK FIX.
Basically, no one joins Scientology. Scientology is getting YOU – gradually.

1. The greedy & selfish










A minority group. Just a few. Often introduced to Scientology through WISE (World Institute of Scientology Enterprises) – the church’s front group which targets business owners and their employees. These folks seek tools in Scientology to improve themselves, get wealthier and more powerful. Nothing wrong with that as long as they don’t run over others in the process.

2. The “Refugees”


Another minority group. Their numbers are growing. These people have lived under suppression for years. They come from East European countries, South America, Taiwan. They’re used to follow orders and leaders. They are easy targets to join the Sea Org (a religious order of Scientology “monks” and “nuns”) and signing billion years contracts. A “free” trip and stay in a Western city, food and shelter, all inclusive. They must work hours and hours, free labor for the church, and no worries about bills. Perhaps a better and more tempting lifestyle than the one they had. And the church know how to push their buttons to make them arrive. They usually leave after a short while when they find out the promises the church gave them were only smoke and mirrors.

3. The Mother Theresas

The largest group of Scientologists consists of people with an urge to help others. They use the tools they find in Scientology to improve themselves and to serve and help others. They sacrifice their own needs for the benefit of others. They give their heart and soul. You can find these kind and caring people throughout all levels of the church’s hierarchy. This group can be easily tricked, abused, deceived and extorted. The church knows that and they take advantage of it. The church work you hard to establish trust, then they rape your soul. That is treason. That is what makes the church extremely evil.

L. Ron Hubbard wrote the following in 14 March 1968:

Treason (below Enemy) is defined as betrayal after trust.


UPDATE: How Smart People become addicted to Scientology’s super-expensive snake oil. It could be you! Recommended: How Do Smart People Fall for Scientology?

7 thoughts on “Who join Scientology?

  1. It makes sense what you say Anette. What is very strange for me is how come Eastern Europeans attend Scientology as long as they lived under dictatorship. Maybe they think about an Eldorado (free of charge), but a dictatorial cult is not exactly something they can live in. About your first point, the greedy and selfish man is not exactly stupid, he knows EXACTLY was Scientology is, so he enter for (hypothetical) future financial benefits.
    About “Mother Theresas”, well…this is really odd…A “Mother Theresa” kind of person is a good, heartful, dedicated for others good soul, right? Well, almost all of them ALREADY have their religion. I cannot imagine a devoted Catholic, or an Orthodox Monk, full of heart and devotion for his (her) fellows, attending Scientology…:) It’s almost comical, believe me!
    In conclusion, your post is welcomed, it unveils a lot of undergrounds about Sci and for people like me, it answers to a lot of questions. Good job, Anette!

  2. There were two more categories in the late 60s and in the 70s:

    4. TRUTH SEEKERS (self realization / transformation)

    There were lots of these people. Typically had dabbled in eastern practices such as TM or taken mind altering drugs such as LSD. Many of them loved the music and the lyrics of the Moody Blues & the Beatles adventures with Maharishi. I was one of them. Auditing was a magnificent tool of self realization, exploration, and transformation.


    Love, peace, no war, fairness, human rights, a more perfect justice, world progress, women’s rights, dignity, respect for all. Alternative health, vitamins, holistic, healthy alternatives to invasive practices such as lobotomies. Hold overs from the flower power and Vietnam protests. Loved Bob Dylan and all he stood for.
    They are now called OCCUPY and ANONYMOUS.

  3. What about all those many who started auditing as an alternatve to other forms of therapy. These are the ones the Church tries to catch by letting people do the personality test to be able to show them their deficiencies and that Sc. can help them with that.

  4. Where did you get that picture of the ghetto – the one you used for the Refugees?

    It looks real.

    All your pictures on here are really great, Annette. You really have an Eye.

    How many of these are yours?

    • Thanks, Alanzo! I find pictures on the net that communicates to the topic. I don’t steal them, but embed them in my articles. When you click them you see the origin. I’m a nature photographer, pictures of nature and flowers and the picture headings is mine.

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