Geir Isene in the news


Yesterday Geir Isene was interviewed on Dagsrevyen (English: The Daily Review), the daily evening news programme for the Norwegian television channel NRK. Reaching some ONE MILLION VIEWERS with the message that Scientology leader David Miscavige is abusive and that Miscavige’s abusive orders and behavior is spreading down the church’s hierarchy. It is not some local problem. The insanity comes from the top. Here’s the link to the clip. It is in Norwegian (for now): It is … Continue reading

10 secrets you don’t know about Scientology


On my 10 years journey into and out of Scientology, I have witnessed quite a few interesting events. In the upcoming months I will provide documentation to these questions and more: What crimes have the Church of Scientology committed against me and others that the media would die to know about? What crimes are the Church of Scientology in Denmark guilty of and hiding from the Danish Authorities? Why the Church of Scientology uses undercover agents … Continue reading