Scientology prison camps

Scientologists are kept behind razor fences, against their will, monitored by cameras and motion sensors, unable to escape.

If you are in doubt whether you should leave the Church of Scientology or not, this information should clear that doubt.

If you continue to support the Church of Scientology, you also support human rights violations and Scientology prison camps. Be responsible, get educated, find out what is going on behind the razor* (see foot note description) fences of Scientology.

One of the Scientology razor fences. Photo taken by activist Angry Gay Pope. Scientology’s CST, California. In this shot, you can see the spikes on the compound’s fence, which face inside, to prevent escapes.

A side note to Scientologists that are afraid of losing their eternity: You can still do all Scientology courses and auditing, the entire bridge up to OT 8, outside the church if you still believe Scientology is the only stairway to heaven. There are more auditors outside the church than inside. You can get pure and standard Scientology if that is what you want.


These are the three main Scientology prison camps (links to Wikipedia articles):

  1. The Hole (Scientology International Headquarters / Gold Base / Int Base)
  2. The Freewinds (Scientology Cruise Ship in the Caribbean)
  3. The CST (Church of Spiritual Technology)

Scientologists have reportedly been confined within these prison camps for months or sometimes years.



Debbie Cook, the Captain of Flag was tortured in the Hole

David Miscavige ordered a staffer to smack Debbie Cook, who did, knocking Debbie to the floor, and another to break her finger while she was at the Church’s International Headquarters in 2007.

“We were made to do these confessions…one time in front of 100 people, yelling at you. I was put in a trash can, cold water poured over me, slapped. One time it went on for 12 hours…There were times I was accused of being a homosexual, a lesbian…”

Debbie Cook sent out an e-mail to 12,000 Scientologists warning them of the abuses, extortion and misapplication of the Scientology philosophy.

The Hole had razor fences as well, but removed the spikes recently for PR reasons. They still have motions detectors and cameras.

Testimonials of punishment:


Tanya Castle was David Miscavige’s personal secretary for 13 years. She managed to escape the International Headquarters and rejoined her husband.



The Church of Scientology are drugging and beating their staff, and at the same time preaching Human Rights and Anti-Drug campaigns. Scott Campbell was drugged and held prisoner aboard the Freewinds.


Australian resident Valeska Paris Guider was held against her will on the Scientology cruise ship Freewinds for 6 years when she was 17 and made to do hard labor.



Shelly Miscavige, the wife of church’s leader David Miscavige, is living and working at Scientology’s super-secret CST headquarters near Lake Arrowhead in the mountains above Los Angeles. She has not been seen in public since 2007.

Read more of the story of missing Shelly Miscavige over at Tony Ortega’s blog.

Scientology motion sensors and cameras

*) These fences are sharper than razors. A friend of mine, who used to work at the Int Base, just corrected me.
From the company’s website:

UltraBarrier is the ultimate psychological and physical barrier, providing unsurpassed security, without the concentration camp appearance of barbed wire.”

27 thoughts on “Scientology prison camps

    • Glad you liked it. I thought it was a good idea to compile this craziness into one single post for easy sharing. And convenient for newcomers to read and watch some behind the scenes stories of Scientology.

      • That’s because in Western World there are no boundaries related to these things. As an Orthodox Christian, I was told since the beginning: the Orthodox Church is healing your soul. Don’t expect to win at lottery, to be rich, to have a Ferrari or to become a celebrity. This is also the way I understand and I feel my religion: as a support for my mind and my soul. When I’m sad, I go to the closest church for couple of minutes, light a candle and pray. Believing in God simply make me to step forward in life, doesn’t matter what kind of difficulties I can meet.

      • The religious cloaking indeed causes a lot of confusion.
        At the same time, the legal system still isn’t really able to deal with these totalitarian groups exerting undue influence over their victims.
        It appears to me that the solution is to point out the human rights abuses committed by the criminal organisation known as the “church” of $cientology, and wait for enough victims to engage with the legal system to make a difference.
        This site is a good step in that direction – thanks for the effort.

        • I agree, Jens! Thanks for visiting my site. It is my hope that more and more people dare to speak out, regardless of cost. I will do my best to inform and to warn in order to prevent others from experiencing the sufferings I did.

      • I concluded that LRH had a crashing misunderstood on the definition of religion.

        The amount of irreligious policy that LRH wrote, and the whole Sea Org policy and staff positions are irreligious in comparison to traditional religions.

        • LRH had no misunderstanding on religion. He built a private army (the Sea Org) copied from the US Navy and from German intelligence. He developed the “Science of modern mental health” and the “science of knowing how to know” taking the material from earlier sources (one of the earlier versions of Scientology was developed by a German philosopher in Argentina) He went religious to avoid taxes, and avoid paying social security, retirement pensions, etc. All of this got worse of course with Miscavige.

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  2. Thank you Anette. You do have a voice. You have experience, time track, passion and conscience. Keep telling it like it is !

  3. It was on my watch when we built that fence at CST by hiring an outside contractor to build it. Then on renos, we painted it forest green. Another project that my security guards did was to install vibration detectors on every post. Grabbing that fence, any sudden striking force such as a tree branch falling on it or leaning a ladder on it set off an alarm in the main guard shack at the front gate. We also installed security cameras around the property together with infrared lamps to provide additional “light” for them to see in the “dark.”

    • Thanks for sharing those insights, Chris! What was the explanation / justification for installing such high security gear? Did they tell you? Did anyone try to escape when you were there?

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  7. This report is very helpful for me .Thanks.I lost my friend Mesfin Ayenew to scientology, because they are using different cover-organisations like New Beginning Initiative in Washington DC , where they use >peace and green conversation >to get specially african rooted people to connect them with there home-countrys to built up something new…but in the background is scientology. in different african blogs they are very active.but the main focus is to bring scientology to africa.

  8. I was held prisoned for 7 months in homes of friends scientologists in Holland and now I am sure I was drugged too they took my life from me my daughter my money everything

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