Geir Isene in the news

Yesterday Geir Isene was interviewed on Dagsrevyen (English: The Daily Review), the daily evening news programme for the Norwegian television channel NRK. Reaching some ONE MILLION VIEWERS with the message that Scientology leader David Miscavige is abusive and that Miscavige’s abusive orders and behavior is spreading down the church’s hierarchy. It is not some local problem. The insanity comes from the top.

Here’s the link to the clip. It is in Norwegian (for now):


It is also interesting to note that the Norwegian Prime Minister is following Geir’s tweets. People are really eager to know the truth about this evil cult. Now that Geir’s book will be launched tonight people can get access to unfiltered truth about the Church of Scientology.

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    • Now after the election there will be a change of Cabinet. Jens Stoltenberg is still the Prime Minister of Norway until our King approves his official resignation letter in mid-October.

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