Scientology: The House of Madness & Lies

This week a 4 page article runs in Se & Hør, the biggest magazine in Norway covering how Geir saved my life after I left the Church of Scientology. It also promotes his 1984 book release. The article also covers how Scientologists are not allowed to file police reports on other Scientologists according to their doctrine. And now that I am out of the church I am working on an extensive report which I will hand over to the Danish authorities very soon.

And of course the church’s phony responses. I will get this thing translated into English very soon. And I will dissect the church’s responses and reveal their lies. ♥

Photo from Humanist Forlag‘s (the publisher) Facebook page.

My message to people supporting this church of evil:
Wake up and leave. The entire church is based on slave labor and you know it. People suffer. People die! And you are worried about how to get money for your next spiritual enlightening session. SHAME ON YOU.

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  1. Anette, what exactly means “Danish authorities”? Police, immigration, secret service, a specific minister, what exactly? PS. Nice picture, you and Geir look very good together :) It’s definitely the perfect match :)

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  3. Thanks, dragos. I’ve never been happier. I feel lucky that my roads crossed Geir’s.

    The word authorities is chosen with care as I have been in contact with more than one entity.

  4. You wrote: “The entire church is based on slave labor and you know it. People suffer. People die! And you are worried about how to get money for your next spiritual enlightened session. SHAME ON YOU.”

    I am objecting to “and you know it”.

    The abuses you were referring to already happened when you joined the church and while you supported and protected the church. And it was true while Geir was a member for many many years, even offered his help to OSA, proposing how to get ANANYMOUS’ attention away from Scientology.
    I am sure that neither you nor Geir KNEW about the abuses, did not believe what the critics talked about. Right?
    If you had KNOWN about the abuses you would have left. Right?

    (Most) people in the Church don’t know what is going on, as we know. Because they close their eyes and ears and push away any thought of doubt as soon as it comes into their minds.
    So the FIRST step (which I consider so important) would be to work out ways how to make them AWARE of the abuses, outwitting their reflexive protective reactions.
    SECOND step, if they don’t leave: send them your message.

    • My message is exactly to those who know and still don’t leave.

      I know quite a few people who know all about the abuses and some who also have seen my suffering but because they didn’t get abused personally they continue to support the evil church that claims it can save the earth and more… sigh.

      • as a victim of the church as they held me prisoner for 7 months my family rescued me I can tell you that they are not allowed to read any article about the church not from the internet and if they do they go to ethics and that is heavy

  5. Like Geir I got lots of gains from my time in Oslo Org and other places.
    Also a ton of misleading info, you have to be a wolf to survive in such environments.

    One fine day I just walked out, easy as shit. The international management had just gotten a bit too crazy and I had the material I wanted. Takes some time to sort out the useful stuff from the propaganda and also some dangerous crap embedded in the technology. I’m not sure if the bad parts was on purpose, probably just blind spots in a too complex mind. The “source” always insisted he was such a simple likable normal man, so of course he wasn’t.

    The trick of leaving easily is to not have friends or family in there, so called “normal” people go a bit crazy when their silly opinions mean nothing too you. So it’s better when it’s not friends or family…

    Hubbard of course was a druggie and dreamed up lots of things, some of it useful. But I would never advice anyone to come near those churches.

    I did not read the article in SE og HØR. I don’t sleep with ladyboys either, a wolf needs to keep his high standards ;)

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