My Tom Cruise girlfriend audition

Today the news broke in the magazine Woman’s Day in Australia about my 2005 audition to be Tom Cruise’s next wife.

The story was picked up online by journalist Tony Ortega, read his post here.

And by the way, I prefer intellectuals. ;-)

As a “Self-Promoting Blogger Living on the Fringe of the Internet” (The Church of Scientology’s standard label for any of its online critics), I recommend you to read some of my articles regarding my 10 years in Scientology, the Self-Promoting Religion Living on the Fringe of Society:

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When I wrote “I will put ALL THE CARDS on the table” I wasn’t even thinking of this story. What else I’ve got up my sleeve is a lot juicier. I will wait until the media responses have cooled down after the release of Geir Isene’s hard-hitting book before I reveal the most damaging secrets about the Church of Scientology.

By the way I’ve found love in former Scientologist Geir Isene. ♥

23 thoughts on “My Tom Cruise girlfriend audition

  1. hahaha Intellectuals? Oh you mean Geir? And I thought you just liked him because just because he is a handsome man! Well, if I were only 30 years younger and smart and not already married with tons of kids, . . . who knows! hahaha Best Regards, Chris

  2. “And by the way, I prefer intellectuals”

    Oh that’s it, just dash all my hopes, as soon as I get here. I shall retire from the field, and live a life of thwarted passion, seeking to foget. And you have a nice day, too.
    “Intellectuals”, faugh!

  3. Jeg er jo ikke overrasket over at $cientologene ville gjort noe sånt. Det jeg er overrasket over er at de intervjuer jenter så langt fra der tom cruise er i sitt sosiale ståsted. Det er ikke hvem som helst som kan takle en hverdag som en slik kjendis lever, hele tiden i søkelyset.
    Hvis du tenker tilbake til den tiden, da du var som mest involvert, hva ville du svart om du hadde blitt bedt om å møte (evt. gå på date) med ham?

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  5. Call me superficial but your profile pic is stunning. I knew you were beautiful inside and out…
    Keep up the exposure!

  6. I want to thank my family, friends, ex-Scientologists, Scientologists – both those still inside and those who have left the church, and others for all your support, back channel messages and phone calls. It warms my heart! ♥

  7. This is disgusting. This kind of articles confirms the truth about Scientology posted by Geir and Anette in so many blog articles. Except the Cruise story, it’s a shame that mercenary obligation to buy some books with 3000 USD…
    It is also dangerous and completely illegal to obligate someone to sign a paper about the secret of that “audition” . About the “audition” itself, It sounds more like those guys were some ordinary pimps looking for a girl for “master” Tom…
    Tom Cruise is a stupid man and in my opinion Scientology deepened his native stupidity. And independent woman will never stay with him. Unfortunately he remained in collective mental as the brave “Maverick” from Top Gun and generations of teenagers danced on “Take my breath away” having him and Kelly McGillis in their mind.
    In conclusion, Anette, we, the normal people, the real people, are supporting you totally.

  8. The last 10 months since officially leaving the Church of Scientology in November 2012 has been a nightmare in many ways. The church viciously trying to destroy me and my family’s life without thinking it will backfire. How naïve.

  9. My husband’s sister is part of the Tom Cruise entourage. She got a biochemistry degree then was sold on the glories of working for a Scientology celebrity by her godmother, Rose Hogg. Rose herself has been deeply damaged by OT Levels and financially destroyed by Scientology. The Hogg’s can’t even fix the swiss cheese holes in their own roof. Yet, Rose escorts my sister-in-law, who should have worked on her own young life, deeper into the Scientology labyrinth.

    She started as one of 4 nannies to baby Suri. After the TomKat divorce, she has stayed on as an assistant. After reading Rathbun’s books and “Going Clear,” I can’t imagine the mind-fuck of working for Tom Cruise. David Miscavige and friends laugh at his video’d confessions, over drinks at dinner! They make his assistants spy on him and report to Miscavige daily. Author Lawrence Wright was very disturbed that Tom Cruise has personally benefitted from slave labor, supplied mostly by RPFers. What planet is Tom on that he has no idea what is said about him??????????

    Family relations became very strained when my husband’s sister started working for Tom in 2008. I assume CC told her how bad her brother and I, because we were never “true believers” or big donors, AND we really tried to talk her into pursuing a science career. How dare we!

    Good for you for getting out of Scientology, Anette, and Geir is really a great guy.

    Congrats to Katie Holmes for getting herself and her daughter extricated from Scientology. She got some great advice. How frightening that must have been, and probably still is for her.

  10. unless tom cruise speaking direct toward you, otherwise it just hearsay, people tend to lied to get ahead.

    Mass media only publish negative things about tom cruise, they don’t mention that any things good that he did

    “Earlier that same year, after witnessing a hit-and-run accident, Cruise called the paramedics and stayed with the victim, following her to the emergency room and then paying the $7,000 bill when he learned she was uninsured. On another occasion, Cruise saved a boy from being crushed to death by a frenzied mob at one of his film premieres by reaching into the crowd and pulling him out.”

    we already know Scientology is cult, like all religion is cult. but we could use more people like tom cruise.

    • This story is not about Tom Cruise the Good Samaritan.
      And I agree we need more Good Samaritans. You can google and read about Good Samaritans on other venues if you like. There are plenty of inspirational stories that don’t make it to the headlines.

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  12. Hi Anette.

    Just a question out of curiosity. If you were the chosen church, you agree to be Mrs. Tom Cruise? Having a life of luxury, fame, glamor and lot of money. Sign the contract? Why from what I read, the other two girls, know where they were getting into, were starlets, wanted quick success as Holmes. I’m not against Scientology (I am Catholic and have strange teachings) but fanaticism. Now we have to respect the beliefs of others. Cruise may be just insecure and eccentric.

    • First, I’ve never sought fame or glamour. If that was my path I wouldn’t have spent so many years studying Chemistry, Math, Physics and other geek stuff – twisting my head in Greek letters and Latin terms. Second, I’d rather read books than watching films. I go to the cinema once every 5 years or so, and I’ve never had a crush on any movie stars. Third, I haven’t had success dating non-academic guys.

      Today I’m very happy that I have found the love of my life in Geir Isene. We are NOT Scientologists. We are both geeks engaging in intellectual discussions and having lots of fun. We are deeply connected. We laugh a lot. I’ve never smiled so much in my entire life. I believe Birds of a feather flock together.

      I hope sooner than later that Mr. Cruise educates himself on what goes on behind the scene in the Church of Scientology, especially in the clergy (the Sea Org) and then make a decision whether he can support such abuses or not. It is a known fact that the church is based on slave labor. One has a responsibility to examine both sides of any subject, especially a subject one promotes globally like Mr. Cruise is doing by being a celebrity connected to Scientology. It will eventually affect his career and his life badly if he continues to be associated with a criminal organization like the Church of Scientology. Usually when people find out the truth about this church they take a stand and leave. Some continue to practice their religion outside of David Miscavige’s realm. Some leave the church and the doctrine altogether while others still use bits of Scientology here and there where they find it useful and workable. For some people it takes longer to look and to confront. There are many factors involved that explain why some minds are easier to conceive than others. We are all different.

      Integrity is more important than reaching some next spiritual level in Scientology. Integrity is the basis of any advancement in any subject anywhere.

      • Thanks and sorry if I offended you. You seem to be a decent and sensible woman. For everything I’ve read about Scientology, I am against dexconexão. More, all religions are strange to the outsider. I think Tom Cruise would be fanatic in any one of them, too insecure. It’s his life, he decides that.
        Wishing you and your family all the happiness in the world.

        • Muito obrigada, querida! :-)

          With so much suppression and harassment over the years I have grown quite immune to get offended.

          Yes, I agree with you that disconnection is the most destructive practice in Scientology.

  13. Stunned by the whole thing. I pray to God that Miscavige gets brought to justice. And why isn’t any government doing anything about this?!?!?! We’re not talking about speculations here but facts from actual and credible witnesses. How on earth are we letting this go on? How long can we let this go on??? I’m not a Scientologist, just a pissed-off concerned human being who gives a damn. Stop this insanity! People have died and more are suffering. Stop Miscavige and his minions. God forbid something catastrophic should happen, can we say we didn’t realize how bad it was? There’s way too much information out there to say we “didn’t know for sure”. Shame on us!
    God bless and pray for those who can’t get out. Pray like they were your own family.

  14. No offense…but are you sure you’re not seeking publicity or attention? Just asking…you don’t seem like Tom Cruise type even though you are attractive. Just saying…he seems more high maintenance but not type.

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