Scientology Expansion News from Norway

Today I made a guest appearance over at Mike Rinder’s blog covering the “massive worldwide unprecedented straight up vertical” expansion of Scientology that apparently has not yet reached Norway. Warning: Strong visuals. Read the full story here.

Mike Rinder was the chief international spokesman of the Church of Scientology and head of OSA, Office of Special Affairs – the Scientology intelligence arm, for many years before he left the church in 2007.

3 thoughts on “Scientology Expansion News from Norway

  1. Takk for oppdateringen! Jeg var innom hjemmesiden dems for et par dager siden for å se om de fortsatt levde. Godt å høre at de er på randen…

  2. My impression is that Oslo Org was never really solvent and never really got out of NON-EXISTENCE. It had a tendency to sell people a lot of stuff they didn’t need, lots of E-meters and book packages float around in this wealthy country. Never used, it still provided good income in the so called golden 80′es. They also received income from sending people to other churches, but it was never enough, never.

    Many years ago I privately delivered repair auditing to one of the guys that originally started Oslo Org. Oh boy was that interesting material to audit. The church in Copenhagen that had messed him up knew very well I was repairing this guy, still they never asked for the session reports for those 20 hours. Too embarassing content I would guess.

    I also at several occasions spoke to Sigrun Lone before she died, also with others of historical interest in my search for the true story.

    Probably Oslo Org was at it best when it delivered out of an apartment with little money involved and no Sea Org to be seen anywhere. Then pride, money, sex, domination and status took over. These things are of course animal stuff and should be avoided when you are delivering spiritual services.

    No, Oslo Org has been between TREASON and NON-EX for 30 years, everything was fake and paid for by others.

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