Scientology: The House of Madness & Lies


This week a 4 page article runs in Se & Hør, the biggest magazine in Norway covering how Geir saved my life after I left the Church of Scientology. It also promotes his 1984 book release. The article also covers how Scientologists are not allowed to file police reports on other Scientologists according to their doctrine. And now that I am out of the church I am working on an extensive report which I will hand over to the … Continue reading

Scientology Expansion News from Norway


Today I made a guest appearance over at Mike Rinder’s blog covering the “massive worldwide unprecedented straight up vertical” expansion of Scientology that apparently has not yet reached Norway. Warning: Strong visuals. Read the full story here. Mike Rinder was the chief international spokesman of the Church of Scientology and head of OSA, Office of Special Affairs – the Scientology intelligence arm, for many years before he left the church in 2007.

My Tom Cruise girlfriend audition


Today the news broke in the magazine Woman’s Day in Australia about my 2005 audition to be Tom Cruise’s next wife. The story was picked up online by journalist Tony Ortega, read his post here. And by the way, I prefer intellectuals. As a “Self-Promoting Blogger Living on the Fringe of the Internet” (The Church of Scientology’s standard label for any of its online critics), I recommend you to read some of my articles regarding … Continue reading