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In the pipeline

Beside struggling with body pain, past trauma stress and patching up on my former education I left years ago, I’m preparing a lineup of articles covering different subjects from chemistry, music, health issues and tips, cult recovery and of course Scientology.

A teaser for those interested in Scientology

I’m currently researching the true state of affairs of Scientology in Europe, Asia and Africa. There will be one comprehensive Scientology article in particular that I’m sure will interest my readers. I will share a link to the factual documentation I got in my hands which the article is based on. This is information the church doesn’t want their parishioners to know about. The article will come fully equipped with graphs and numbers impossible to explain away. Another proof of how the church is lying and deceiving their members to extort them for money. Soon freshly pressed on the fringes of the Internet*.

What if…

If you got ears and eyes and still glorifying the Church of Scientology, you have a responsibility to examine both sides. What if the ugly scenes presented by bitter defrocked apostates* are actually true?

*) The Church of Scientology’s favorite labels for their critics.

2 thoughts on “Coming to a blog near you…

  1. This perked up my eyes and ears. Looking forward to it. Truth is so refreshing and one just knows the truth when seen.

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