Why Scientology loves dead people

Sick people. Dying people. Elderly people. It’s due time to share love and care.
Losing loved ones are devastating for human beings. But Scientology smells money.

Some are lonely, they need you. One can learn so much spending time with the elderly. Stories from their early age, the differences between generations.












It is a fascinating time travel. I love spending time with my grandparents. That is pure quality time. They are the most lovable couple, though very different. I’m so glad I moved back to Norway, being closer to them. They are mid-seventies and young at heart. We are joking and laughing. Hard to imagine a life without them. Pause. I’m crying as I wrote that last sentence.They played and are still playing a major role in my recovery from the abuses I have experienced the past years. They will stand by my side forever.

Caring for the sick can make you stronger. I learned a lot about myself, my strengths and family bonds when spending time with my father the months before he died from cancer in January of 2012. It was grievous. Very hard to get back to everyday life after that.

Losing loved ones are devastating for human beings. But Scientology smells money.








Like I wrote in my article Scientology – The ONLY hope for Man, spending time with elderly people is considered off-purpose, a waste of time:

While you enjoy life, hang out with friends, play around with your kids, chill out on vacations, eat cake at your grandma’s birthday party, smiling and laughing – a Scientologist is on a 24-7 mission to save the planet.

For a Scientologist, trivial activities that constitute life are considered off-purpose – a waste of time, not doing what is expected.

Elderly and sick people can not move up the bridge to total freedom, the Scientology spiritual ladder of lifetime commitment. Thus they can not help save the planet. So why waste your time with them?

In Scientology, human decency has been abandoned. The caring factor is far gone.










I have seen people been taken off Scientology service because they were too old. A women mid-OT 7, the second highest spiritual level, was told: “Sorry, madame, you’ll have to wait until your next lifetime.” The church is afraid someone would die “on campus”, creating bad PR.

Ask for an advance on inheritance

I’ve seen people use their inheritance on Scientology courses. And those courses ain’t cheap. Scientology registrars, staff members that use high pressure sales tactics to make people buy Scientology services, keep an eye on people who have elderly relatives.

A staff member of AOSH EU, (Advanced Organization St. Hill, Church of Scientology of Europe), in Copenhagen, asked my mother if she could ask her parents, my grandparents, to give my mum an advance on inheritance. The money should not be used for payment of any service, just as a pure donation to the IAS (The International Association of Scientologists, a money making machine, a scam organization that spends money on private investigators to harass Scientology critics). We were both shocked. Ask your parents to get an advance on inheritance. Come on. What a RUDE question! These guys own no shame.

















L. Ron Hubbard, the Scientology founder, from The Way to Happiness:

The way to happiness includes
being on good terms with one’s parents
or those who brought one up.









It’s time to spread and shine some love, care and respect. Hugs. ❤


14 thoughts on “Why Scientology loves dead people

  1. The Church of Scientology is bound by policies on “bean counting“. It is strictly a what-can-we-gain-from-this-organization. There is less gain in old people, more gain in inheritance. More gain in young people with money, etc.

  2. A beautiful and moving write-up, It made me both angry and sad. And reminded me of experiences I had while a member that I would like to forget. I am happy to hear that you have such a wonderful relationship with your grandparents :)

    • Thank you for visiting my blog, Max. The Scientology experience is an emotional ride like no other. And without doubt, the most expensive one.

  3. There is one thing unclear for me. What about poor people? Seems to me doesn’t matter how old or sick you are, as long as you’re not rich it’s impossible to become a target for Scientologists. Am I right?

    • Pretty much.

      But you may be a target for the church’s PR as they will come and take photos of them “helping” (or in some cases without the quotation marks) you. If you live in a poor country, then your government will be a target as they always have some money somewhere.

      • What about the antibodies? Geir, let’s face it. Nobody was born Scientologist. Doesn’t matter how are you targeted, bombarded with fake help marketing or ideology, everybody must have the antibodies of normality. You have to react in a way when you are surrounded and facing the Sci danger. Where was Anette’s leak, how did she become a prisoner with so harmful consequences? Maybe you, the person who helped her so much, you can point when or where was her mistake. Maybe by pointing the spot will prevent others to live the nightmare Anette was in for so many years. Her story was with happy ending, but maybe others will not have the change to have a Geir nearby.

        • Living near the Sea Org base in Europe is one answer. Heavier indoctrination. It happens so gradually, you don’t see it before it is too late. Gradual isolation, so you loose your reference points with the outside world, pretty much like the Truman show. You live in a bubble.

          When you are not allowed to read bad stuff on the Internet, you have no clue what is wrong in there, but you know there is something severely wrong.

          I was subjected to some very serious incidents. Hard to believe. Some I will reveal in details in due time. They will shed light on why I ended up suffering so badly. It’s just too early for that now. I’m sure you will see the broader picture then. So I understand why you are asking.

          See Geir’s latest blog post on conditioning:
          Scientology: The root cause of the harm

          • I deeply regret my question, Anette! Forget about it, I don’t want to stir you bad memories. Really. My apologizes again :) PS. Please take the smile as a sign of hope :)

          • No regrets. I love to get any kind of question here. And yours was a very valid one. :)

            I am here to raise a voice for the many who suffer in silence. I’m here to give my stories and to share what helped me move forward.

            Being in a cult and in a psychopath relationship at the same time, makes my story more complex. I escaped both many times. But I had no one to talk to on the outside who was not a Scientologist. It was hard. I desperately needed professional help. But I would loose my job, my family and friends if I went to see for example a psychologist. Because Scientology puts psychologists in the same box as Hitler. All my active connections at that time were Scientologists.

            So in order to heal and to finally escape this trap I had to regain enough strength myself, I had to plan carefully and I had to be willing to lose all of my connections.

          • I understand and I’m happy that we think on the same…”radio wave” :) There is one more think I don’t understand and I will appreciate if you’ll enlighten me: how come that so many movie stars and singers are Scientologists? For instance, first time when I’ve heard about Sci it wasn’t related to Hubbard, it was related to Tom Cruise and Travolta! And the tv news about them were not exactly bad. My first bad signals about them were in 1995, when a cousin of mine who worked in Switzerland that time was “surrounded” by them. Their “honey trap” was very simple: “Daniel, you’re Romanian. If you’ll join Scientology, we will obtain you a visa to live in Switzerland”. A Swiss Visa for a Romanian in 1995 was like a trip in Disneyland for a 10 y.old child. But what Scientologists didn’t know was that Daniel, as a Romanian, lived in a communist country, a dictatorship, so he saw immediately the “Gestapo” in their actions. That’s why he ran away immediately and never entered in contact with them.
            But still, Anette, my question stands: how come that Travolta, Cruise, Kirstie Alley (such a beauty 20 years ago!) and all the others were Scientologists? Is it because they consider their cult an elite one, money, power, celebrity and stuff like this?

          • They are not many in numbers anymore. Many have left quietly. But we hear a lot about those still in. So we believe the entire Hollywood is inside this cult.

            The church has worked hard to get access to the stars. For PR reasons. Of course.

            When you are in the church you are forced to tell ALL your secrets. I mean ALL. Sessions and confessionals are video taped. If you leave the church later, the church will reveal your secrets to the world.

            That is really damaging to people. Imagine if the church published all the secrets of Tom Cruise. He would be ruined. He cannot leave due to that. He is trapped. He is beyond manipulated. Now he has to defend and justify his membership in the church. He has closed his eyes to all bad in the church. This is my opinion of it. Marty Rathbun has written about Scientology and the Stars in his book, The Scientology Reformation. Recommended reading by the way. Marty was Tom Cruise’s auditor (counselor) and he has a lot to say in that regard. (But of course he doesn’t reveal confidential data from the sessions.)

  4. I always loved being around elderly people. When I was a child I would sit at the table quietly, listening to my great Aunts and Grandparents talking. They would let me drink coffee or tea filled with lots of cream and sugar. I was always welcome to sit and listen to the conversation as long as I didn’t interject with silly comments, which would sometimes happen if I had a little too much caffeine and sugar.

    I learned a lot from being around older people. They would talk about pretty much everything in front of me. I learned what is was like to live during the Depression and then, “The War” (WWII). I learned about dental work and all sorts of medical/body stuff. I learned about livestock, farming, cooking, marriage, babies, you name it.

    Anette, thank you for being conscientious of the elderly. One day we all will be old if we live long enough. It’s pretty sad that in Scientology older parents or relatives are looked at as a “mark” for money. Even younger parishioners who lose spouses before their time are approached by the IAS for life insurance money before the body is cold in the grave. I know a few people that this happened to. The greed in the CoS has no boundaries.

    • Thank you, Pepper. Yes, we can learn so much from our elderly. I’m a huge fan of old traditions, knitting, cooking real food and farming. Living unplugged connected to nature. We must take the time to listen and learn from their wisdom.

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