How to undo deleted text on iPhone

Mistakenly deleted text on your iPhone? With this SIMPLE ACTION you can retrieve it!

You’ve been typing for half an hour your note is finally ready to be cut/paste into an important email on the go or as a reply to a friend on Facebook. You’re in a hurry, you mark all text and then suddenly your finger sweeps on one of the buttons on the keyboard – yes, any button on the keyboard will do – and the text is gone. Frustrating to say the least. I have re-typed quite a few times so I know how annoying this is.

It’s way too easy to mistakenly delete text when using the copy/cut/paste function on your iPhone. But now you don’t have to type everything again. There is an UNDO button.

Here’s how to undo with iPhone:

  1. If you are in a public place, go hiding (yes, see #2 and you get why)
  2. SHAKE your iPhone (I know – it really looks stupid!)
  3. Press the Undo button
  4. Smile!
undo button iphone

This is a Norwegian iOS :)

















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