F**k it – the ultimate spiritual way

I’m advocating free choice of spiritual paths. And I believe finding one’s own path is part of the journey. I teach people to spot RED FLAGS.

Whether their chosen path is bits and pieces of Scientology or any other religion – or something completely different like F**k it – the ultimate spiritual way or no path at all doesn’t matter. I respect whatever people choose to believe as long as that spiritual journey doesn’t consist of betrayal, abuse or in any way taking advantage of others.

Anette practicing F**k it in Greece:


I believe in love, compassion and respect more than climbing spiritual ladders. ♥

9 thoughts on “F**k it – the ultimate spiritual way

  1. I read both his books and it was actually helpful and most enjoyable. I highly recommend anyone to read them, and if you don’t, f**k it! :)

  2. It’s interesting, but I don’t want to be one of them. It’s too much an ultimate choice…If you choose “F…k it!”, sounds like you’re ready for 3 things: adventure, suicide or revolution. Who knows which part drop the flipside of the coin? :)

    • To me I find it useful to handle something constructively that’s needed OR it’s outta my space and I have peace!

      • Sure, I can understand this…It depends on one’s perception. As for me, I’m afraid that being in the “f…k it” mood, I will never…”walk the line”. But this is just me….

        • Ahh yes, depends on what line you want or need to walk. I don’t think of it as a mood and if you read his book, I’m sure you would see how the F–it is used to an advantage when needed. Just the same way you handle but with different words. They keep it simple for me. It’s like whatever works for you, eh?

  3. Cool book Anette. I read it.

    I also enjoy your posts at the Underground Bunker.

    I find that the Soto Zen concept of “no goal” in Zazen practice is essentially what “F**k It” is about.

    Using this writer’s own dharma, one could think “Fuck it” and let go AND embrace every goal for a microsecond and that microsecond is powerfully liberating.

    Goal-free practice seems STUPID at first, but if one is truly existing as every possible goal (thus making no one goal a goal), even for a microsecond, then every goal is in a suspended, unborn, unmade state: Reality Itself.

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