Exploring Maridalsvannet and Akerselva in wonderful Oslo

Today I found yet another pearl in Oslo; Maridalsvannet. It is a lake that supplies Oslo of drinking water. There’s a river, Akerselva, that runs from this lake out into the Oslo fjord. My love, Geir, was my personal guide. 20130723-174238.jpg Along the river you find plenty of small fresh water “beaches” where you can chill and cool down. The air is fresh the water is pure and clean. A pearl in Oslo.
20130723-174039.jpg No more industry or pollution. Water filtered through nature. 20130723-174131.jpg
20130723-174354.jpgPictures taken by iPhone 4. Blog post written and composed in the WordPress iPhone App on the go. Hopefully it turns out right. Enjoy. ♥

7 thoughts on “Exploring Maridalsvannet and Akerselva in wonderful Oslo

  1. Hmmmm…the water I’ve drank in Beitostolen was much more clean and tasty than Oslo…Imagine in the North, where the water supplier is a glacier :) PS. That’s why all the beverages in Norge are wonderful (even Coca Cola), because of the high level of the water quality.

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