Change of viewpoint? Feel free

It is valuable to see and understand another’s viewpoint. You don’t have to agree with that viewpoint. And you are not wrong when you change your own viewpoint. We grow, learn, experience and evolve. It’s okay to change your mind too! Great isn’t it?


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  1. This is the essence of democracy. Anette, I’m sorry to say that, but I both love and feel pity for these kind of posts. I feel pity cause in Sci Church you lived in a dictatorship. I fell love and joy because you escaped and wanted and feel to express democracy. This post is typical. I understand and I appreciate it. Respect!

      • Anette, I’m so happy for you. You and Geir, you breath normality now. You cannot understand 100% your status now. Geir wrote a book. You are a constant fighter againt Sci Church. Me, as an outsider, I see something wonderful: you’re both like 2 people awakened from a nightmare. Two people saved from a hell before death. 2 persons having and enjoying a normal life. I’m very happy for both of you :)

  2. The main photo on your blog was it taken from Akershus? I can see the small yellow Nobel building. I remember that I was so fascinated to look around and take pictures, that I didn’t see trikken coming…And trikken was so silent…:) In the last second I stepped away from the line…

  3. Cults and destructive mind-control tactics are a public health hazard. One can only avoid them by KNOWING what they are, not by thinking only stupid people get caught in these things. Education on mind-control should be part of 7th grade health class.

  4. What a nice film and if I get a chance will see it. I couldn’t put this in proper place, but it’s the Kon tiki one.
    My mate spoke Swedish and Danish very well. I sure miss that he would contribute so well to your posts. So here you are with me continuing on and doing or saying what I can now.

  5. I like this about perspective very much. :)
    “It’s okay to change your mind too! Great isn’t it?” I really didn’t get this until a Hospice class where they educated on to be able to change your mind and it’s OK. It was a biggie with me as I always felt like my word had to be honored even if I changed it. Maybe that helped me after i got back in and saw the destruction of the organization, and said hey i don’t have to take it and completely changed my mind and it was OK.
    Hospice has good tech and really helps the survivor.

    Change viewpoints, perspectives, grow. What else better to do in life? Better than stagnate and die.

    • I’m curious why Scientology never penetrated zones as Middle East or Asia? Is it because their people’s strong religion beliefs were a barrier against their propaganda? Regarding South Americans, it’s simply useless to mention them…They are devoted catholics…So, my question is: Can be the native religion (Christianity, Hinduism, Islam) the best and safe defence against Scientology?

      • Good questions. Yes, I believe where people have strong native religions converting to another religion is not just something you do. It’s like trying to penetrate a marked with a new product people don’t need nor want. Don’t sell sand in the desert.

        The way out is to learn and practice critical thinking and logic. No “customers” = No business! :D

        • “No customers= No business!” ha ha Cynical…but true:) Scientology is a bad joke. But let’s think about real religions. The biggest proof to sustain what I’ve asked is history itself. Westen Europe resisted 2 times against Ottoman (Turkish) Empire in Vienna Siege (last time in 1683) and the main idea of resistance was protecting Christianity against Islam. Remember also the Crusades. Or other ferocious battles between different factions of Arabs (shiites and sunnies for instance).
          What can I say about Jews, people without a country until 1948 who were united only by their religion and traditions?
          So, what chances may have Scientologists to tell an Arab not to respect Ramadan anymore? Or a Christian not to celebrate Paske?
          Scientologists are like socialists: heart on the left side, wallet on the right side. Clowns!

          • “…heart on the left side, wallet on the right side.
            Ha ha wonderful! Scientology claims to embrace and welcome all religions. But it’s just a lie to trick you inside. For example, meditation is forbidden in Scientology, how then can Buddhists become Scientologists. Once you’re in, you’re coerced to leave your old faith if you had such.

          • Meditation is forbidden in Scientology? He he, what am I not surprised? :) If you meditate too much, you can suddenly ask yourself “Why am I here?”. That’s why, as I’ve seen on your blog and Geir’s, Sci members are always in a mission. They have to be connected only to their mission. Communists have the same attitude, it was also a slogan claiming “Noi muncim, nu gandim!”. That means: “We work, we don’t think!”.
            Thinking is dangerous, isn’t it? he he he :)

          • …and you have to send an application to the church before you take painkillers. Ask me how it was to suffer from migraine attacks and in need for an approval to take your medication. F**k it was crazy. So much craziness. I could go on and on.
            I was doing yoga stretching exercises to heal my back and neck pain and some member asked me if I had permission from the church to do yoga! These guys are insane trying to control every little aspect of a person’s life. Watch this video below:

            “I was checking bids for my kidney so I could buy freedom in the Cult of Scientology”

        • Approval for painkillers??? I’m speechless…If you allow a joke, what about peeing? :) Did they allow people to pee whenever they need? Or should apply a form first? :)
          Seriously now, only someone who was inside can understand the whole picture of that madness…

  6. Merry Christmas, everybody! Even if on it’s beginning, this blog has a huge resource, most of it still undiscovered. Let’s hope our host will perform her talent of writing, editing and shooting photos on this blog too :)
    Till we meet again, after New Year or whenever, I wish all of you all the best!

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