17th May Norwegian National Day

Geir and I just came home after celebrating the Norwegian Constitution Day, 17th May.

As I lived for over 16 years in Copenhagen, Denmark, this was the first time in years I celebrated this special day in my home country.

The weather was somewhat clouded but still beautiful. Here are some impressions I would love to share with you. All pictures taken with my iPhone 4.

I’ve linked to some wiki articles if you would like to know more about the different locations:
OsloNorwayGrand HotelKarl Johans GateThe ParliamentAkershus Fortress and Aker Brygge.

4 thoughts on “17th May Norwegian National Day

  1. Akershus Castle? I have almost the same pictures, but in October, when I took some days off to go to Oslo :) 16 years in Copenhagen? Wow….I’ve heard a lot of my former colleagues (Norwegian) who told me Kobenhavn is far more nicer than Oslo. Is it?

  2. Stunning photos Anette! I love them. I guess you spend some time in the “darkroom” (photoshop) for after processing? What camera are using?

    • Thanks, Walrus!

      Actually these photos were taken on the go with my iPhone4. Then a couple of simple processes of cropping and a few adjustment to the brightness/contrast and midtone contrast in PhotoShop Elements 5.0. It can also be done with the free iPhone app “PS Express”, but I prefer working on a bigger screen when editing.

      The Oslo Fjord panorama picture is stitched together by 34 single photos in the free Microsoft ICE stitching software before processed in Photoshop.

      • Thank you for sharing! Your Instagram pics also very enjoyable; I appreciate when pictures of everyday objects and situations turn into art.

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