Did you know that LRH was in the Sea Org?

Did you know that L. Ron Hubbard – the founder of Scientology – was in the Sea Org?

I went through my mass propaganda Scientology mailings today. I couldn’t help myself. I had to post this cute piece of information. Not sure how many new Sea Org recruits they got from this ad:

L. Ron Hubbard Sea Org

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5 thoughts on “Did you know that LRH was in the Sea Org?

  1. Cute :-)

    You mean, he didn’t just set up an organization where everyone ELSE had to sign a billion year contract so he could benefit from the outside? You mean he actually went INTO the sea org and had the privilege to order them around?

    Oh, OK.

  2. I like on the bottom, it says ” The Organization of Expansion”. Guess that’s prime objective?
    Leaves me pretty cold, that. Like take over the world, swarm of flies, cancerous fiber, getting fat on purpose? Silly of course.
    Honestly doesn’t make sense to me as stated, and if I had read that I would have lots of questions or word clearing. :-)

  3. Yes, deElizabethan, it doesn’t make sense. What will they think of next? – Ron was a Founder. You can be one, too. Sign up today.

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