My Bridge to Ruin

In Scientology, the manipulation happens gradually over the years. It’s not like people are beaten at the entrance and then happily walk further into a cult.

Scientology took the best 10 years of my life. There’s a featured article in the news today called “The Bridge to Ruin” – my journey to financial ruin in Scientology.


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Scientologists from all of Europe are traveling to Scientology’s European headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark to climb the “Bridge to Total Freedom”. Kristeligt Dagblad is a Danish newspaper publishing articles on religious and moral topics.

Too good to be true?
If something sounds too good to be true, maybe it is. Trust your instincts and run away.

There are many people who have walked away from Scientology remaining silent. Afraid of repercussions from the church. Some hide in anger, regret and shame. I admit it has been embarrassing. But I’ve put all that behind and decided to be open about it.

Hitler brainwashed a nation
No one is manipulation proof. Manipulation makes the impossible possible. Every day we’re tricked a bit. Like when we see a commercial ending up buying stuff we didn’t even know we needed.

We know all your secrets!
In the Church of Scientology they keep archives of all your secrets. Written down or recorded. Your confessionals and interrogations with an e-meter, a lie-detector-like device, are usually recorded by hidden video cameras. In case you leave in the future, they know where to look in order to shut you up if you dare speak out about what you have witnessed.

If my story can prevent just one other person from experiencing the same, it is worth it!

Are you manipulation proof?
A person told me: “I’m not that type of person to be lured into a cult.” At first I was somewhat provoked, then happy – on the person’s behalf. It’s just a sign that the person has not been subjected to such manipulation. A very lucky person indeed!

In Scientology, the manipulation happens gradually over the years. It’s not like people are beaten at the entrance and then happily walk further into the cult. It’s much more insidious. Scientology makes sure you get enough positive outcomes that you continue to put money in the pot until the point on which the negative experiences outweigh the positives. Like the actor Jason Beghe said: The world’s best mousetrap doesn’t work without cheese.

What your donation buys – No, it’s not humanitarian aid
If the donations had gone to a good cause like helping children in need, it wouldn’t be that big deal to lose everything. When you find out people’s donations pay for expensive lawyers and private investigators to spy on and harass Scientology defectors, you get angry. The money has also gone to fund Scientology leader David Miscavige luxurious lifestyle with private jets and expensive Scotch whisky. The members have no clue.


Here I am with my favorite cult leader. I would probably look more angry if I knew I just paid for his party.

The Church of Scientology could be doing us a favor by removing itself from the face of earth.

9 thoughts on “My Bridge to Ruin

  1. Nicely put Anette. I’m afraid that we still get angry about having funded David Miscaviges luxurious life style years after leaving. So much so that we tried to tell all our ‘friends’ inside the cult about the scam. Some left, many did not and we are no longer in touch.

  2. I would like to be on your e-mail list if you have one. Love this blog. Continue to be brave… Im a defector, was scared at first, but am not now. I was the Director of Inspections and Reports. I have served the Orange county area and have heard it all being the “one” that they confessed to. I still have a few friends that I am in touch with that have defected, but only one friend that is a scientologist that still talks to me. I wasted over 14 years in that cult. I am not ashamed tho… mistakes are the best learning tools.

  3. Scientology is the biggest scam on souls of the earth, Hubbard was a lunatic and used Luciferan techniques to hypnotize and manipulate and suck people dry of not only money, free will, real spirituality and even traumatize peoples’ souls forever. His buildings should all be destroyed.

    • In that respect, it really isn’t unlike any other religion. Religion in general manipulates and preys on human beings’ fear of death and the unknown, for control, power and profit. Religion is very effective at making people helpless, guilt-ridden, bigoted, hateful, weak, docile, fear-filled, anti-intellectual sheep who practice self-deception, throw their brains in the garbage can, feel guilty about having normal desires and piss away their lives and money. ALL religion is a man-made institution and a crutch for people who fear death, want to believe they have all the “answers” to life’s mysteries, and feel a sense of belonging. I’ve seen and read EVERYTHING on Scientology, and while it does seem a bit extreme with their moneymaking scam and the horrendous abuses that go on, it honestly doesn’t seem THAT much different than any other religion. Their basic tenants and goals are the same. Take people’s money. Control them. Make them believe outsiders are heathens, heretics, infidels or “suppresive persons” to keep them in the fold. Anette, you are a beautiful woman and I applaud your bravery to leave this godawful, mind altering cult and speak out. Scientology is in its last stages, barely hanging on and gasping for air, with many, many former members and nearly all of it’s top people leaving and speaking out (Marty Rathbun, Tom DeVocht, Mike Rinder, Jason Beghaye ect) Not to mention, outspoken critics like Tony Ortega. I don’t believe they even have an official spokesperson anymore. On top of this, it has gotten hammered with bad publicity in recent years, starting with the South Park episode, and then the “war” with Anonymous, the Going clear documentary, the film “The Master” ect. Their only defense is to start a smear campaign, which everyone laughs at because we all know that’s the church’s style. At any rate, I admire you as i can only imagine how hard it is to leave an organization that’s been a part of your life for so long, and wish you nothing but the best. I can only hope that more people follow your lead, scientologists and non – scientologist alike, and learn to think for themselves, stop throwing away their money AND their mind for fabricated causes, and start cherishing THIS life-the only think we know with absolute certainty to exist.

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