Why Scientology loves dead people


Sick people. Dying people. Elderly people. It’s due time to share love and care. Losing loved ones are devastating for human beings. But Scientology smells money. Some are lonely, they need you. One can learn so much spending time with the elderly. Stories from their early age, the differences between generations.                     It is a fascinating time travel. I love spending time with my grandparents. That is pure … Continue reading

Who join Scientology?


These are the three main types of people that characterize members of the Church of Scientology as I see it. 1. The Greedy & Selfish 2. The “Refugees” 3. The Mother Theresas Education, intelligence, ethnicity, backgrounds etc. is out of the equation. You find all kinds of people from all walks of life in Scientology. They have ONE thing in common though: They are seekers looking for solutions. The Church of Scientology claim they have … Continue reading

“Why criticizing Scientology hurt me!”


Would 2 + 2 = 5 freak you out? – Yes, perhaps if you identified yourself with the subject. Let’s take a look. How to become a dedicated Scientologist: You are idealistic, you want to improve conditions, make a difference. Someone offers you a solution, a path, some tools you can use to improve issues you might have in your life or tools to help others improve their lives. And they work. Great! Imagine using … Continue reading

Scientology – The ONLY hope for Man? Or a dangerous CULT?


At first glance a Scientologist looks exactly like everyone else; They may look like Average Joe, have an education just like the girl next door or hold a job like yourself. But it stops there. What you may not realize is that Scientologists don’t deal with people. They deal with names and labels. While you enjoy life, hang out with friends, play around with your kids, chill out on vacations, eat cake at your grandma’s birthday … Continue reading

What’s the difference between a Mind Controlling Cult and a Sociopath?


I vote for “NONE“! Have you ever been screwed over by a bullying cult or a manipulative person? Being inspired by a comment from my friend Dragos where he dropped THE question most people don’t dare to ask. I have included both the question and my answer as this topic deserved a post of its own. I have added some more on cult recovery to my answer below. Dragos: PS. About Scientology, Anette, there is … Continue reading

10 secrets you don’t know about Scientology


On my 10 years journey into and out of Scientology, I have witnessed quite a few interesting events. In the upcoming months I will provide documentation to these questions and more: What crimes have the Church of Scientology committed against me and others that the media would die to know about? What crimes are the Church of Scientology in Denmark guilty of and hiding from the Danish Authorities? Why the Church of Scientology uses undercover agents … Continue reading