Innovation: Norwegian Slow TV


With Slow TV we are approaching a new era of television. Less noise and less flashing images. This is what Al Jazeera reports. I recommend watching the full 9:30 minutes where both pros and cons share their opinions: I remember well when the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) started its live coverage of the 134-hour voyage along the Norwegian coast line and fjords. I was spending time with my father in Norway during his cancer treatments and the Slow … Continue reading

Lofoten: Sun and stunning nature


Day 3: We were lucky and the sun was shining a few moments. Today we drove around the Hadsel island. The nature was mindblowing. Geir and Niklas, his oldest son, jumped into the cold Norwegian Sea. If they kept swimming they would have reached Greenland one day. Click on thumbnails to open photo gallery: Click on image to open Google Map.

Lofoten: First impressions, green mountains and fresh blue water

Lofoten, green mountains

Lofoten (map): The nature is wild and untamed. It’s usually hot during summer, but right now it’s only 10 C / 50 F and raining. It’s like driving through a huge green Nordic rainforest. Quite some contrasts to the deserts of Arizona and sandy California we just came back from. Here, even the mountains are green. It’s all clean, fresh and green. I want to share some snap shots taken around 9PM from the car: … Continue reading

Norway: Midnight Sun & Fjords


ADVENTURE AHEAD: In a couple of days we go to Lofoten, north of Norway to see the midnight sun, mountains, stunning nature, and fjords. We’ve been invited to visit Geir‘s father. I’m very excited!! Lots of pictures to be taken! ♥ Midnight sun, Lofoten, Norway. Click on map to open in Google Maps. Norwegian fjord