How to scroll page down in Safari on iPhone/iPad

Learn this SIMPLE TRICK to go page down with two taps! No more thumb scrolling to the end of a page. To go to the top of a page in Safari, you tap the top bar on your iPhone. After you’ve learned this SIMPLE TRICK you can get to the bottom of a page with two taps!

  1. Add a new bookmark in Safari (any random page will do)
  2. Click Bookmarks, then Edit. Choose the bookmark you added in #1 and rename the bookmark to “End” for simplicity. And in the address field, copy and paste this text (no spaces!):

Older versions, before iOS8:
For iOS8: 
javascriptscroll(0,document.body.s crollHeight);

If you for example visit a blog with lots of comments, save your thumb, click Bookmarks, choose the bookmark you named End, and you will be at the bottom of that page in just two taps. Convenient, until Apple comes up with a simpler gesture.

















PS. If copy/paste doesn’t work, you may have to type the command manually due to difference in typesetting/language on keyboards. Any questions? Throw me a comment.









The address field is the field below the name of the bookmark (in this case “End”) where you usually add a web address. See red arrow above.

WARNING: Please stay clear of the Church of Scientology. I was a member for 10 years and it almost destroyed my life. Now I speak out about the abuses and crimes.

30 thoughts on “How to scroll page down in Safari on iPhone/iPad

  1. Tried this on my iPad Mini in IOS 7.0.2, copying your line of code – the copy mangled the apostrophe characters, putting in the hex equivalents so I had to manually edit the string to match. Then it worked fine, thanks!

    • That’s great you got it to work. Some signs are different on different language keyboards. That could be one reason the copy / paste didn’t work out. Thanks for your feedback.

  2. Hi Anette. I saw your comment about Scientology. We would be honored if you joined us on the forums. Some people there have asked questions about it. You might feel at home with us.

    I found your site looking for a way to page down on an ipad in safari. Does the javascript work on an ipad?

    • Thanks, Alan! I will check out the forums you mentioned. Please direct anyone with questions about Scientology to my site and I’ll answer. :-)

      Yes, this javascript works on both iPhone and iPad. If copy/paste doesn’t work, then type the script manually should solve the issue. It’s due to difference in signs on language keyboards (mine is Scandinavian). Good luck!

  3. Annette. Thank you
    Great work around, as you suggested cut and paste did not work for me so I cut and pasted to an email text box.
    I then re typed it under is I did not make a mistake
    Cut and paste the re type and it worked great!

    Thanks now I can get to the end of a web page quickly ( or at least what has loaded so far!)

  4. Strange. Not working for me. Checked the text and it is correctly entered. When you say two taps, is that a double tap?

  5. Another thing that will simplify this, when creating this new END bookmark. Edit / Drag this new bookmark to the top of the Bookmark list (if you happen to have a long Bookmark list), so that there’s no need to Scroll down to access the bookmark, when you need it.
    One other note. If you are working with “text” or a text app, try purchasing a BlueTooth ANKER T3000 keyboard (for $19.99) versus Apple’s $69. keyboard.
    With this, to page UP: Command/arrow up. To page DOWN: Command/arrow down.
    Among other features, it has an F3 key for “copy”, and an F4 for “paste”.

  6. Not working for me. I have iOS 8.1. When I edit the address as you suggest and click “Done” then “http://” is added to the line automatically. I’m assuming that shouldn’t be there because when I select bookmark “End” Safari is treats it as an url and tries to go to site with that address/name.

  7. It is nice to know that my contribution helped people out. I am still using this a LOT and now on 8.2 :)

  8. If you put in your favorite folder and then use emojis it’s one tap and easier to locate . Thanks for the code.

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