Scientology – The ONLY hope for Man? Or a dangerous CULT?

At first glance a Scientologist looks exactly like everyone else; They may look like Average Joe, have an education just like the girl next door or hold a job like yourself. But it stops there.

What you may not realize is that Scientologists don’t deal with people. They deal with names and labels.

While you enjoy life, hang out with friends, play around with your kids, chill out on vacations, eat cake at your grandma’s birthday party, smiling and laughing – a Scientologist is on a 24-7 mission to save the planet. And it’s really urgent!

Behind the glory surface of Scientology

For a Scientologist, trivial activities that constitute life are considered off-purpose – a waste of time, not doing what is expected.

They go visit their parents, attend birthday parties and funerals mostly because it is socially mandatory. People will be suspicious and put Scientologists in a bad light if they don’t behave like the rest of us – and that would be bad PR for Scientology.

Scientologists – The world ELITE

Yes, it sounds superficial. Part of the game is acting “normal” while being part of the world elite who has the answer to any problem, large or small under the sun.
But in Scientology, you are just a number. They don’t care about you. They care about themselves only and you are a vital asset. They stay alive on your energy, time, money, contributions, donations, volunteer work, etc.

The Church of Scientology is on life support. Selling spiritual services and courses are not enough to keep them going, so they have turned to unusual alternatives like throwing wild fundraising parties and extorting their members. They are greedy. They are desperate.

Scientology – Selling a world in trouble

Scientologist deal in fear. They constantly create an imaginary world with enemies to fight. The world is crazy as they see it.

It’s much easier to coerce people to sacrifice and give away everything they got, and more, while living in fear, on the edge of war, having constant threats thrown at them. It’s the best way to manipulate and deceive people.

Scientology – A dangerous cult?

After some time in a cult, you get gradually isolated from friends, family and the outside world. You spend lots of time there, making new friends that have the same new reality as yourself. You don’t see the distance growing from who you once were, and the surroundings you used to live in, to the isolated NEW YOU living in a world of fear and constant emergency. It’s insidious.

This is what’s making it dangerous to be in a cult. You lose yourself. You lose your family. You lose your true friends. You lose your education, your fortune, your career, your self-respect. You.

The Church of Scientology – Worse than the mafia?

Never befriend a Scientologist. If you dare to question Scientology you get thrown under a bus. They cheat and they lie. In the name of The Greatest Good everything goes.

Comparable to parasites or leeches that suck out the last drop of blood before jumping to the next victim.

A Scientologist have no legal protection in their Church. Scientology is above the law. They have their own ethics and justice system where the greedy get protected, and those who dare to confront their abusive actions get punished and harassed.

Scientology – Clearing the planet?

From the church’s official website, “Clearing the planet means that Scientologists want to rid the planet of insanity, war and crime, and in its place create a civilization in which sanity and peace exist. In order to do this, they must help individuals become free of their own individual aberrations and insanities and, hence, regain their inherent goodness.” Nothing wrong with that, but …

From what I have observed the only thing that gets cleared in Scientology is people’s bank accounts.

So The ONLY hope for Man and every other life form in the entire universe – all depend on this one technology that is Scientology. The ultimate truth. Or an ultimate trap.

Scientology destroys you and your family

In the aftermath of Scientology you see families that are torn apart, bankruptcies, emotionally, physically and spiritually abuses, post traumatic stress and even suicides.

Scientologists claims they are on a mission to save the planet.
Fact is they’re not even able to save their own backyard.


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Thank you for reading this post. I would love to hear what you think. You are welcome to ask me any questions. I will answer as soon as I’m available. Feel free to use the comment form below. Have a nice cult-free day.


28 thoughts on “Scientology – The ONLY hope for Man? Or a dangerous CULT?

  1. It is true that Scientologists are on a 24/7 mission. They are expected to never relax, always be on the ball and never let their guard down. Anything apparently different is an apparency.

    As I moved up the OT levels (highest spiritual levels in Scientology), the pressure increased proportionally – to the point where the leader of our local church expected me to produce massive amount of results each and every day – despite the fact that I was not contracted by the church (I had a full time job running a company and a family with three kids – but still I was expected to be at his beck and call 24/7).

    In fact I was expected to ensure the local church got a building worth USD 10 million in down-town Oslo, recruit more than 100 new staff members, flood the church with new members… and that was only for starters.

    The leader of our local church tried to convince me that I should put my kids on hold (basically ditch them) for 2 years until I got all those results done – because that was more important than my family.

    • Sounds all too familiar. You have to live it to believe it.

      One of the top ranking Scientologists from Scientology’s European headquarter came to my apartment in Copenhagen one night trying to convince me that HAVING (or wanting to have) KIDS is something the Church of Scientology considers UNETHICAL. Because you (a spirit) have lived before (reincarnation), you have probably had millions of children in your past lives. So why wasting your time with having kids now, when you can spend your time saving the world with Scientology.

      Their viewpoints are extreme to say the least.

    • Just out of interest G, if Scientology could do what it claims – produce world peace, end poverty, save the planet etc and interrupt a catastrophic descent of souls – if this were true – would what it expected of you be justified?

      Seems to me you could make a case for it. Obviously I don’t believe it can do these things.

      Btw, good post Anette :)

      • One of the most interesting and intriguing questions I have gotten.

        Answer; Not if a totalitarian state is the side effect – or indeed if the side effects outweighed the results you mention above.

        Moreover, I would have to review it in every case Just like I review in every case the amount of sacrifice I am willing to make for my family and friends in life. I would sacrifice a lot for the good of others. But I wouldn’t demand of others that they did the same.

    • When you say the leader of Oslo org do you mean Niels B? I know him and I’d hate to think of him as one who would do that…

  2. Beautifully articulated and illustrated yet tragic, truths. Thanks so much to you and Geir for your ongoing sacrifices :)

    • The Church of Scientology can no longer hide. Internet is here to stay! ;)

      Speaking out is an important part of healing. Putting Ethics in on the church to stop their abusive tactics.

      If I can prevent one person being abused by the church, it is worth all sacrifices. Personal integrity that is.

  3. . . . What you may not realize is that Scientologists don’t deal with people. They deal with names and labels . . .

    Heh! Classic and accurate summation. Another, similar one I saw recently went, something like, “Scientologists don’t have opinions, they have LRH references”.

    Love your work. MOAR!!

    • . . . What you may not realize is that Scientologists don’t deal with people. They deal with names and labels . . .

      … and numbers. Inflated numbers.

      • Inflated numbers.

        With the church’s so-called unprecedented expansion, who needs a billion year Sea Org contract? Clearing the planet is just a breath away.

    • Cool you liked it, Crepuscule! Thanks.

      Scientologists don’t have opinions, they have LRH references

      He he. And you don’t even have to think. How convenient.

  4. Impressive article, Anette. There is a big difference between you and Geir when writing. Geir is much deeper. He scan the cancer with NMR device, put the result on the blog in a philosophical, innocent way and everybody comment it. Your style is different. You’re like a bird just escaped from the cage. You scream, you point and poke the evil straight in the heart. You’re a radical. People like me will give you a big hug for this. For me, you are an honest reporter, a person who testify evil for the good of others.
    But I wonder if on Scientology subjects will you ever have hundreds of comments like Geir. Even not, be proud of it. Writing posts like this, you’re not only a survivor. You’re a winner.

    • What an acknowledgement, dragos! And funny you pointed out the difference because me and Geir just had a talk on our blog’s differences a few hours before you posted your comment.

      It can be that my posts leave no room for doubt. So perhaps they will not lead up to any discussions. Not that I’m not open for discussions. I am. Anytime. Feedback, suggestions and questions are welcome too. It’s always interesting to get feedback from you.

      I am radical. I am direct. And I love it. :D

      • Anette, a blog is not a grocery market. You don’t sell your ideas, you just post them. I like that nobody can influence you. Your first months will be the most difficult for you. Right now, you’re a venganza. For a couple of months I’m sure your articles will be revenging arrows definitely deserved by Scientology for everything you suffered there. But after a detox period, you’ll start to see your blog different. You will enjoy normal, simple and ordinary things. For instance, a Fredrikstad victory over Start will make you to tease me, isn’t it? :)

        • You are right. I already see my blog transforming into an adventurous travel and science blog in the future. Where I explore and share my curiosities and geek stuff.

      • One more thing: your radical opinions about Scientology will be definitely read by Geir’s blog readers, but not exactly approved by all of them. Some of them still ARE Scientologists, doesn’t matter what they say about it. At least one of them seems to have the mission to flow the discussion on a positive way for Scientology. To try to hold the balance. But Geir is democratic and don’t care about it, which is also a thing I appreciate very much :)

        • I respect that people have different opinions than mine and everyone should be free to believe whatever they want. That’s included in our human rights.
          What pisses me off is when people use tools to slave and abuse others. Tools that were intended to free people. That is what I am protesting. And I will do it loud.

          • Anettte: Tools that were intended to free people. That is what I am protesting. And I will do it loud.

            Loud is good. Hear, hear!

  5. Anette, thank you so much for speaking out. Those that still consider themselves scientologists are still in a bubble too and don’t see the big picture nor the truth of the matter. I know it’s not easy and takes time, but do have hope that something good will come of it for each individual, while getting rid of the harmful through education and personal stories. Your speaking out will help others. Thank you.

    • You’re absolutely right, DeE. Get educated is important. Knowledge brings about certainty. From there you can gradually claim back your life and regain power. That is the way to “unbubble”. :)

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