K-Pop is here to stay! ♥

Korean pop or just K-pop really became known after Psy rocked YouTube rankings with Gagnam Style. K-pop is a mix of different upbeat musical styles; hip-hop, electronic and dance-pop. It is a “crazy-happy” music genre originating around 1992 in South-Korea.

Female K-pop

Male K-pop

And if you LOVE! dancing (like myself) there are many cool K-pop choreographies on YouTube. I’ve attended a K-pop class in Copenhagen and I was hocked. It was like this:

Split any complex choreography into simpler sections and add it to your exercise routine. Happiness and satisfaction guaranteed! Like this:

Study, repeat, repeat, practice, practice. Enjoy your K-pop dance journey! Have fun! ♥

6 thoughts on “K-Pop is here to stay! ♥

    • This happen when I write after watching videos but before reading the text. South Korea, of course…North was just a stupid joke :) Well it seem to be so different from Europe but it’s nice. Seem to be much more dance then aerobic there. If Jane Fonda were 30 years younger, she would definitely attend.

        • My advice? That day to be only after reunification with the South. Right now, comparing with North Korea, Clearwater will seem a fairytale palace. About culture itself, I think South Korea preserved it as well too.

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