Debbie Cook was tortured by David Miscavige’s minions

Ever wondered why Debbie Cook, our beloved Captain of Flag, left the Church of Scientology after 29 years?

Dear Scientologist … Did you know that David Miscavige, the leader of Scientology, ordered his minions to torture Debbie Cook while she was kidnapped and held against her will at The Hole, one of the Scientology prison camps in Hemet just outside Los Angeles? The Hole is a prison on the compound of the International headquarters of Scientology. Se video from Debbie’s court testimony below.

Debbie Cook was a high ranking executive, the captain of Flag Service Organization, the “Mecca” of Scientology for 17 years. She had signed a billion year contract to serve Scientology for the rest of her life – and every lifetime to come. She was part of the Sea Org, the clergy of Scientology, for almost 30 years until she escaped for good.

You might recognize Debbie from the Scientology Source Magazines:


Hell broke loose after Debbie Cook sent out a New Year email to 12,000 Scientologists where she condemned church leader David Miscavige for turning Scientology into more than just a money making machine. From Debbie’s Facebook wall:

Click to read her email (PDF):

Debbie-Cook-Flag-Captain-EmailOver 100 Scientology executives in prison!
Four weeks after Debbie Cook sent out her email the Church of Scientology sued her for “breaking the gag-order” she was forced to sign when she left the Sea Org. The parties later settled. This video contains Debbie’s testimony under oath in a Court of Law where she reveals the life inside The Hole where over 100 church executives are incarcerated:

So, isn’t it about time to leave this place?
No church or religion owns your eternity. Your eternity belongs to you. There’s no copyright or patent on your life, your dreams, your well-being and your future. ♥

12 thoughts on “Debbie Cook was tortured by David Miscavige’s minions

  1. All I can say is that after reading her letter it spiked up my backbone to search for answers and leave forever. I knew then i was not alone, in not getting answers to questions I had and looked for a way to get out. Debbie’s email gave me the help or kick to get started. I will always appreciate her for the courage she displayed.

  2. Yes, Debbie was brave and I hope she’s living a happy life now. Just tonight I was talking with another ex-Scientologist about Debbie. She took a stand and helped MANY Scientologists wake up to what’s been going on. Thanks for reposting her comments. Here’s to more Scientologists leaving Scientology!

    • I don’t think her point was for people to leave Scientology. Debbie made a very clear distinction between Scientology, which is a workable technology, and the Corporate Church of Scientology, which is a corrupt and oppressive tyranny. Part of the confidence that Scientologists will have in standing up against the CofS is in knowing that they can continue to receive the benefits of Scientology auditing and training outside of the CofS (this is true for me and hundreds if not thousands of others). I have left CofS but will never leave Scientology.

  3. Extremely impressive and informative video. Thank you, Tom Tobin and your crew from the Tampa Bay Times. It is a phenonomen that a single man, David Miscavige, continues deceiving, exploiting, brainwashing and torturing parishiners for years, even today, while the world watches – while others go to jail in the United States for minor issues.

    • It’s incredible and tragic! I put this post together as a summary of the tragic events happening at international levels, the court case, testimony, the infamous email and pictures and I hope Scientologists on the inside find it, read it and leave.

  4. Unfortunately there are a lot of Scientologists who KNOW about all the overts of DM and the Church, they are aware of the suppression and how people are squeezed in order to donate more than they have – and they still would not leave. They would not even criticize openly.
    Why not?

    I’d say: Because they PERSONALLY don’t suffer sufficiently yet. And they want to continue with their Auditing / Training they are quite happy with.

    And for many, from their personal point of view, they would have to face a lot of disadvantages, problems, if they left (disconnection probably the most significant threat).

    Lets face it: we are selfish first of all.
    However – those who already HAVE left and don’t have to fear anything could engage a little more in making DM disappear.
    From my experience most of them want to be left alone.

    Chapeau to all those who DO something about the situation!

    By the way:
    A few days ago I had the idea that the time is perfect for German politicians to ask the US government to review the IRS decision from the Ninetees.
    The acknowledgement, tax exempt status and protection through the First Amendment has caused a lot of problems.
    Meanwhile, we know that the IRS had been blackmailed by the Church. Meanwhile it has become public that the CofS violates Human Rights. Meanwhile there is a significant judgment in France.

    Meanwhile, the German government is not shy anymore to complain to the US government about things that should not be.

    I will get active on this now, addressing German politicians.

  5. I 100% agree with fundraising comments made in Debbie’s letter. As a participant of Scientology courses I have felt time and time again as if I’m being hounded for money. I own a business and I have made the error of sharing the times we have come in to some big sales, never fails shortly after my phone is slammed with calls from the “fundraising” committee. I pay for my courses whys is this not enough?

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