Critical thinking: How to resist manipulation (Part 2)


Why is Critical Thinking so important? Critical thinking is skills that help us learn to make decisions. It is the ability to evaluate information to determine whether something is right or wrong. To think critically about something means to be open-minded and consider different ways and solutions to tackle a problem. Wait a minute, think critically and be open-minded? Now compare that to some teachings in Scientology where L. Ron Hubbard writes: Critical thoughts: these are always only … Continue reading

Healthy slow-cooked Organic Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea (1)

This spicy Yogi Tea from Black Cat is one of my favorites. Thanks to my love for introducing me to this cute little tea house in Oslo.   Herbs and spices are important ingredients in the ancient Indian Ayurveda diets. Take this test and find out which Ayurvedic body type (dosha) you have. Then buy the herbs and spices according to your type. Feels good!

How to scroll page down in Safari on iPhone/iPad


Learn this SIMPLE TRICK to go page down with two taps! No more thumb scrolling to the end of a page. To go to the top of a page in Safari, you tap the top bar on your iPhone. After you’ve learned this SIMPLE TRICK you can get to the bottom of a page with two taps! Add a new bookmark in Safari (any random page will do) Click Bookmarks, then Edit. Choose the bookmark you … Continue reading

How to delete comments in Instagram


On iPhone or other IOS mobile devices: Click on “Comment” below the picture. Swipe your finger to the right on the comment you want to delete. Click on the trash bin, then “Delete”.                                   On an Android device, click “Comment”, then the pencil at the top right corner, then X.

10 common HTML codes for comments and posts


I have made a list of my 10 favorite HTML tags that will make your comments stand out: Click image to enlarge. These codes or tags can be used in comments, posts and pages across many platforms accepting HTML. (The ordered and unordered lists might not work in all comment forms.) For blogs using the DISQUS comment system, other html codes apply. Questions, anyone? With love, Anette ❤

What’s the difference between a Mind Controlling Cult and a Sociopath?


I vote for “NONE“! Have you ever been screwed over by a bullying cult or a manipulative person? Being inspired by a comment from my friend Dragos where he dropped THE question most people don’t dare to ask. I have included both the question and my answer as this topic deserved a post of its own. I have added some more on cult recovery to my answer below. Dragos: PS. About Scientology, Anette, there is … Continue reading