The Amazing Botanical Garden Oslo

Anette and Geir are exploring yet another pearl: The University Botanical Garden in Oslo is Norway’s oldest botanical garden, established in 1814. It is administrated by the University of Oslo. Click on photos to enlarge.




This is the “Central Park” of Oslo:20130729-200634.jpg





This rare cactus, Dvergtistel (Cirsium acaule), is only to be found on a small island, Ulvøya, just outside Oslo:20130729-200743.jpg

Granite greenhouse:20130729-200752.jpg





Pictures taken by iPhone 4. Blog post composed in the WordPress iPhone App. Enjoy. ♥

6 thoughts on “The Amazing Botanical Garden Oslo

    • Cool you liked them. The iPhone 4 camera is not that great, so I was surprised myself when I saw the photos on a bigger screen than on my iPhone. And I love to take photos. :D

  1. He he…I even didn’t know that Oslo has a botanical garden. Definitely looks wonderful and as far as I can see, it’s an…honest garden. I mean, everything there, from green grass to the last single flower, it can be really seen in Norway. Other botanical gardens in Europe presents botanical stuff which don’t belong to that country. Isn’t it strange to see a palm tree in Helsinki or a northern tundra place in…Athens? :) Great photos Anette and most of all, great idea!

    • One more thing to say, just as a curiosity. I saw your marigold picture. Did you know that in Eastern Europe marigold is by far the most spread ingredient for the alternative medicine? For many reasons, mostly for liver detox and dermatological products. The best reflexology cream I’ve ever used was a handmade marigold cream and it costs…10 NOK…
      Many botanical gardens exhibits are real treasures, but people still are reluctant at what nature offered us.

      • The Marigolds on the photos were taken at the botanical garden’s Medicine plants “Department”. It must have been planted there for a reason.
        Now, you made me curious to find out more about that plant. :mrgreen:

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