Before you leave Scientology …

… turn off the lights.

Tired of late night visits from Scientologists begging for money? Endless phone calls, pressure to give more and more? What happened to flourish and prosper?
You are tired, unhappy and WORRIED. Your credit cards are maxed out and your bank accounts are empty. Your org is empty too.


You’re not alone. Something IS wrong. Now consider this before leaving Scientology, written by Intentionally Blank over at ESMB (read in full):

“Scientology has imprisoned people at different sites around the US for sure and maybe elsewhere in the world. Imprisoned. As in – locked them up and taken away their freedom to make their own decisions about their lives.

People in Scientology have been beaten. They’ve been forced to have abortions against their will. Children are separated from their parents and kept in less than ideal conditions. Staffers and Sea Org members work long hours without adequate pay or benefits.

I know you’ve seen things. I know you know things. Before you blow, stop and think – what do you know, what have you seen, what do you have access to that can save someone else?

This is the 21st century. Do you have a cell phone? What can you snap a picture of? I have a friend who saw people locked away on the RPF. What can you record? Almost every smart phone has an app for audio recording. What information can you copy? No, I don’t mean pc folders – but emails, internal memos, the kind of information you’ve seen that made you think staying in is contrary to your integrity and you need to get out. Take a picture, copy onto a USB drive. “

If you have witnessed situations that could be violating law you should contact your local police department or proper authorities.

Welcome to freedom! Take back your integrity. ♥

8 thoughts on “Before you leave Scientology …

    • I agree. Very good advice. I have often wondered what would happen if Sea Org staff could take cell phone video/photos of the inhumane conditions, the crappy food, or the toxic construction environments they are forced to work in.

      I hope more information makes it way into the hands of the authorities soon.

  1. I wonder who’s covering them on the top? (Congress, Senate, maybe White House). One simply cannot be so huge, illegitimate and evil without a political protection. Only money are not enough. Al Capone had plenty of money, but still he went in Alcatraz.

        • True. But the hard part is that people behind the iron curtain of Scientology are so conditioned and afraid to report anything. They believe they have done something bad for this to happen to them. They think they deserve it.
          Some who have left have later reported abuses they have experienced or witnessed. But if the police went in and questioned the victims inside Scientology they would lie and say it never happened. They are trained to lie to authorities. They are trained to believe they are above the law. They have the tools to save the world. Of course they can get away with anything. Any abuse can be justified. That’s the mindset. The cult mindset. It is also called Stockholm Syndrome / Battered Person Syndrome.
          It took me a while to figure this out as it is a really mind-bothering issue.

          • There is something I don’t understand. As long as the core of Scientologists is still strong, how come Geir is so optimistic that this nightmare will dissapear? It’s still unclear how it will be done: as an implosion or a massive escape of members?

  2. Thank you Anette for what you are doing. I’ll have to think about the downfall of Scientology Inc, I Think , as long as Miscavige has billions, It is not ready to stop.
    The sheeple don’t read newspapers and they drink unlimited amounts of Kool-Aid!

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