Autumn mood in Oslo

I went off the metro one stop before my destination to explore the beautiful autumn colors.
Vestre Gravlund (Western Cemetery), Oslo, Norway.







Photos taken by iPhone4. Contrast and color adjustment done in Photoshop Elements.

7 thoughts on “Autumn mood in Oslo

  1. I love that leafs carpet in your photo. In many cities the public cleaning service take it away, but in my opinion it’s better to let it there. You can see, smell, feel and as you, take an autumn photo if that colourful carpet is there :)

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  3. The first picture with the building ( church) with the blue sky and the street really caught my attention. The one also of the angel in the for ground, good uses of rule of thirds.

    • I’ll never forget my first walk in Oslo, it was a beautiful sunny October. Pictures are wonderful, but Michael…try to imagine the feeling you have when you see this with your own eyes…Believe me, it’s fantastic!

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