10 secrets you don’t know about Scientology

On my 10 years journey into and out of Scientology, I have witnessed quite a few interesting events. In the upcoming months I will provide documentation to these questions and more:

  1. What crimes have the Church of Scientology committed against me and others that the media would die to know about?
  2. What crimes are the Church of Scientology in Denmark guilty of and hiding from the Danish Authorities?
  3. Why the Church of Scientology uses undercover agents to spy in Danish court rooms?
  4. What actions members of the Church of Scientology take in order to infiltrate the Danish Government?
  5. How the Church of Scientology monitors your activity on Facebook and infiltrate your groups and friends by using its Facebook police?
  6. Why some people continue to be members of the Church of Scientology even when the church harasses them?
  7. Why the Church of Scientology does not declare people SP (Suppressive Person) anymore in Scandinavia. And what they do instead in order to make members disconnect from them anyway?
  8. Why Scientologists are willing to risk losing their jobs and careers by covering up known crimes? And why Scientologists would even give up their children than give up their faith?
  9. What has my receiving death threats got to do with Scientology?
  10. What I find good about Scientology and what I find bad?

My love, Geir Isene, OT8, already mentioned the potency of my information in a blog post several months ago.

The Truth will set you Free











Stay tuned. It will be a long hot summer.

35 thoughts on “10 secrets you don’t know about Scientology

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  3. Congratulations on your NICE new blog. I also look forward to the answers of those questions. Very interesting.

  4. Nice start Anette, there’s probably 1000 secrets I don’t know about Scientology :)

    Look forward to reading here


  5. Ohhh, I like the way you write a teaser, Anette. Really looking forward to reading the next installments.

  6. Anette – I really like your blog. Thank you for having the integrity to be yourself and speak up for what you feel is true. I feel this is another of many steps along the road to a life of truth. I welcome your voice, your story, your opinion and your presence. I expect to get to know more as I follow this. Thanks! I feel this is appropriate from my viewpoint. If I am “off” in this opinion then my apology in advance.

  7. Regarding to your 9th question, your received death threats had nothing to do with Scientology. They didn’t intend to kill you. They simply didn’t like your sushi :)

    • I was just joking, Anette, even the post is serious. Now I’m really serious: reading every single word of Geir’s blog, I’ve learned about Scientology more than I ever imagined. Take it as a chapter in your life, be happy that it’s finished. Your blog is full of life, I’m sure you will fill with nice posts that represents the best of you.

      • I try to remind myself daily that I’m grateful for my experiences. They made me that much experienced.

        Sometimes I must admit I wish I could turn back time.

        • Glad to hear! I’m not exactly Chaplin, but I appreciate humour myself extremely. Of course, there are many in this world laughing like stupid, but it’s not our case, isn’t it? :)

  8. This is great, Anette!
    I already like your blog, also with the variety of the themes, and am looking forward with anticipation to your stories and what you have to say.
    What you have accomplished, your skills and knowledge are admirable. Also I like the way you communicate with others. Amazing person indeed! – Karola

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  10. I think Anette is a beautifu, brave, profound human being. She has the courage to speak up in spite of the retaliation of the church of darkness and evil.

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